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Information sharing is a weakness among local governments. Your nosy neighbor has easier access to what we do than our colleague at a neighboring jurisdiction. This month that changes. After several years of development, ELGL Connects: The Local Government Resource launches.

ELGL Connects is a mix of Yelp and the Yellow Pages. You (the local government employee) gain access to information on all of the companies operating in the local government space. You also get the opportunity to read about the experiences of other governments who have worked with a particular vendor.

The origins of ELGL Connects stems from the frustration (that many of us have felt) when tasked with finding a company to redesign our website, lead an executive recruitment, or address our legal needs.  Our normal process is to develop a hard-to-read RFP that we post on our website, and then, hope for a few responses.

Currently, more than 200 companies are listed in ELGL Connects. This number is growing daily. We will have at least 500 companies listed by the end of April, making ELGL Connects the most comprehensive tool in local government.

ELGL Connects is different from every other vendor directory in local government. Other professional associations have a vendor directory, which only includes their partners. Our directory lists companies regardless of whether they are ELGL members.

Kent, Kent, how can I help? We need your help to make ELGL Connects successful. You can help by:

  • Providing a list of vendors that are missing from the directory,
  • Send us feedback on the directory – what info is missing? What categories should we use?
  • Leaving feedback on your experience with a vendor.

For the next 30 days, ELGL Connects will be available to the public. After that, only ELGL members will have access to the resource. All-in members have unlimited access to update their listing. For companies who are not all-in members, we’ll update their listed based on user feedback.

To contribute to ELGL Connects, send an email to

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