Final Four: Pueblo, CO v. Lawrence, KS

Final Four: Pueblo, CO v. Lawrence, KS

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15 comments on “Final Four: Pueblo, CO v. Lawrence, KS

  • Lawrence has the best library. Meeting rooms, reading nooks for children, teen center, coffee shop, and books, books, books. I take family and friends there when they visit, just to show it off.

  • Lawrence is the best library. Beautiful, welcoming, and funny. And fights fascists. My library is the best library.

  • Robert Sailler says:

    Lawrence Library is very receptive to my suggestions of new books. Excellent YA selection.

  • Pueblo’s library is a community hub for inspiring and thought-provoking events, as well as a vital resource for the creatives who call the Steel City home. #PuebloProud

  • Pueblo’s library has great programs for kids, teens, and adults. Our favorite is story-time at the Pueblo West branch.

  • Lawrence’s library continues to change with the changing times, while holding onto the good parts at the same time. LPL remains at the center of our vital community.

  • Kathy Kiefer says:

    I love Lawrence library! They are the best bc they welcome everyone and have great activities for all ages!

  • Good variety! And the building is some awesome architecture with free standing stairs and part of the building spanning over a street.

  • Pueblo’s Library has a great selection and the building is beautiful with free standing stairs inside and the building is built spanning over a street.

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