Williamsburg v. Chapel Hill

Williamsburg v. Chapel Hill

Voting for this #ELGLKnope #Eagleton8 matchup opens at 1:01 a.m. on Monday, February 12 and end at 11:59 on Friday, February 16.

5 comments on “Williamsburg v. Chapel Hill

  • As someone who attended William & Mary for undergrad and UNC Chapel Hill for grad school… this is probably the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. I know and love both libraries.

  • Haven’t been to the Williamsburg library, but I just don’t know how it could possibly be better (whatever that means) than the Chapel Hill Library. Chapel Hill has a well thought out library, constantly evolving, recently renovated, with a great website and a monster library book processing machine that is wonderfully fast and efficient. It is great, but… librarians are incredible people and I would bet that at both libraries, the librarians are the BEST. God Bless them all because librarians are the true HEART of a library.

  • Amelia Anderson says:

    My husband and I love Chapel Hill library… great DVD selection . . Awesome librarians. I love Ms. Janice.. so helpful and friendly. And found out she is one of our neighbors!! We always have a great experience at Chapel Hill library… sooo many resources..and the community jigsaw puzzle is a super idea.. i leave by that exit just to put a piece in!

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