Next on GovLove: The Atlas Marketplace and City of San Jose, CA

We’re highlight upcoming GovLove guests. In early December, ELGL co-founder Kent Wyatt will talk with Ellory Monks (Co-founder, The Atlas Marketplace) and Kip Harkness (Deputy City Manager, City of San José) about barriers to innovation in local government, and how The Atlas is helping local governments overcome some of those barriers.

The Atlas is an online community for public officials upgrading their infrastructure systems to be stronger, smarter and more sustainable. The Atlas is a safe, hassle-free space for city, county, and utility staff to learn from one another about successfully built and installed infrastructure projects from around the world. Their goal is to help local government leaders replicate these innovative infrastructure projects – and the benefits they generate – in their own communities.

Kip, and local government leaders from each of the 50+ Atlas partner cities, are using the Atlas to:

  1. Highlight their own city’s successes through project posts
  2. Connect with other city officials and staff who have experience with solutions they’re interested in learning more about
  3. Search for how other cities are designing, funding/financing, and procuring modern infrastructure solutions, like energy efficiency lighting or flexible flood barriers
  4. Publicize and distribute their RFPs to a wider range of more unique, better bidders

The Atlas was founded by three women, all former government officials and staff, who are dedicated to increasing investment in solutions that make communities safer, smarter and more sustainable. They provide all of their support to local governments, including access to the Atlas, for free. As Co-founder, Ellory facilitates learning between local governments solving similar problems to ensure that what’s working for one local government scales to communities across the country (and what’s not working doesn’t!)

Known as the Capital of Silicon Valley, San José is the nation’s tenth largest city, and the largest city in Northern California. In his role as Deputy City Manager, Kip leads the City’s efforts to capitalize on innovation and technology opportunities to enhance the quality and efficiency of city operations.

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