Job Description: Diversity Dashboard Research Coordinator

Job Description: Diversity Dashboard Research Coordinator

Job Description

ELGL is hiring Research Coordinators for the Diversity Dashboard data collection project.

Research Coordinators will:

  • Compile a data collection spreadsheet of the cities, counties, population, chief administrative officer, and assistant chief administrative officer for assigned state(s) in the United States
  • Research/find contact information for these local government positions
  • Compile this information into a standardized spreadsheet template
  • Develop direct email outreach materials
  • Conduct initial outreach for self-reported data on race, gender, age, and veteran status
  • Follow up with agencies that do not self report
  • Compile all agency, race, gender, age, and veteran status into a final spreadsheet format for inclusion in the Diversity Dashboard data collection

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • You’re a spreadsheet jockey
    • You love using Excel/Google Sheets to compile and share information.
  • You’re a stickler for details
    • Collecting data is a precise process and you strive for accurate and reliable data.
  • You’re an advocate for equity and inclusion
    • The work of the Diversity Dashboard will tell a story about the agencies/regions/organization size and types that are doing great work at hiring diverse leadership.
  • You’re tech savvy
    • There’s no geographic limitation on where our Research Coordinators live and work, but you must be able to connect frequently with the ELGL leadership team via Google meetings, webinars, email, etc. We’re also working with OpenGov to array the data so your open-mindedness to working with tech companies is also a plus.
  • You’re creative and kind
    • This is a first-ever national data collection, so we’ll be working smart and hard to get it done. That might mean your first approach at the work will need refining. Your ELGL team will support you, and we want someone who is creative and kind, able to adapt to the unique nature of this project, and easy to work in teams with.

Other Information:

  • Each Research Coordinator will report to a Research Manager who will oversee the data collection process and data integrity.
  • Participation in a weekly check-in call/Hangout is required.
  • Use of Trello and Slack is required.

Project Information

Quality data about the race, gender, veteran status, and age of local government chief administrative officers (CAOs) and assistant chief administrative officers (ACAOs) does not exist. This lack of information means we cannot begin to understand which organizations, regions, or forms of government have made the most gains in leadership diversity. The ELGL Diversity Dashboard ( project aims to collect this data for every local government entity in the United States by December 31, 2017.

Data will be arrayed by form of government, population, county, and state, allowing for the data to be compared and contrasted. Collecting and sharing this data is the first step in understanding the true picture of diversity in leadership in local government. The data set can also be compared and contrasted to race, gender, veteran status, and age Census data for the local government or MSA.

In Spring 2017, students in North Carolina and Wisconsin collected this data for their respective states, and built a data collection template and methodology.

Stipend Information

This project provides $16/hour stipends for MPA, MPP (or other related local government masters program) students nationwide to use a standardized template and methodology to collect the data (each student will manage the collection for up to three states, generally equalizing the three states by size). Stipends will be paid on a hourly basis after three major project milestones, up to 60 hours per student:

  • Milestone #1: collection of all city/county/population/contact information for assigned states
  • Milestone #2: completion of self reported data outreach and compilation
  • Milestone #3: completion of data spreadsheets for assigned states

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  • David Clyne says:

    While while I applaud the effort, I hope we are not limiting our data sets to just the above categories. There are a number of other identification categories (e.g. religion, sexuality, etc.) that folks utilize that should be of interest as we attempt to positively reflect the populations we serve.

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