Introducing the ELGL Membership Committee

The ELGL Board of Directors identified the need for a membership committee to:
  • Expand ELGL’s reach to all 50 states,
  • Continue to build a diversity (race, gender, sexuality) in our membership, and
  • Clearly identify and communicate the benefits of membership.

In August, the Board of Directors issued a call for applications and selected the committee.

Membership Committee

To understand the passion of our committee members, it’s helpful to read excerpts from their application.

ELGL is the leading catalyst in changing the paradigm in local government. Once a group thought only to be for city managers (and soon-to-be city managers), ELGL is a group in which all people interested and/or employed in local government can take part. I want to help lead that charge and outreach.

I believe in ELGL’s mission to encourages membership from all areas and levels of government and leadership. It is important to be part of an organization that includes people with many backgrounds, roles, and titles This type of network will help me grow in my career as I am not limited to who I can reach out to for support.

ELGL is working to strengthen local government by being authentic, transparent, and inclusive. This attracts people to ELGL and government. The way ELGL does this – through blogs, podcasts, newsletters, and webinars relates to my position. By using these tools to be authentic, transparent, and inclusive about government, more people will become involved with their local agency.

I believe in the pillar initiatives ELGL has established – community, diversity, improvement, communication, education, and joy. These six initiatives are key to my continuous membership with ELGL. It is important to me to be a part of an organization that is supportive, includes all levels and areas of local government, brings up new ideas, offers members opportunities to share their stories to humanize local government (my favorite content from ELGL), provides educational and professional development opportunities, and makes local government enjoyable. All of these create opportunities for me to grow in my career. I am not sure I would find another organization as engaging as ELGL and I believe engagement is crucial to success. 

I am a member of another government group and I have not had the same experience. While that group has its’ benefits, I ELGL is a better fit for me in terms of how I like to be engaged, the content provided, the inclusiveness of the organization, the professional development opportunities it provides, and more. I believe new members would find that they also would enjoy ELGL for these reasons.

ELGL is different, and I see real value and potential in the organization. I have been an ELGL member since I attended a session at the 2015 ICMA conference where ELGL presented a session on social media. It was eye opening to me to find other enthusiastic city management professionals who love what they do and have fun doing it. I don’t often feel like I “belong” or see myself in the professional organizations and publications that I take part in. 

I am interested in interesting raising awareness about ELGL among HBCU’s and the NFBPA. Working to connect with public administrators of color will allow ELGL to broaden it’s partnerships, increase attendance at conferences and focus on intentional engagement.