Weekly Update: Thank You for #CityHallSelfie Day

Weekly Update: Thank You for #CityHallSelfie Day

Dear ELGL members,

This is a really quick post because I’m on vacation, but I didn’t want to let a Sunday go by without sharing a huge THANK YOU for the outstanding #CityHallSelfie day pictures. The pride and excitement pouring out of communities across the country was inspiring.

If your city took a #CityHallSelfie and it didn’t make it on the map, please send an email to Dan who is working on updating the map with any selfies we missed. And don’t forget that everyday is #CityHallSelfie day – when you’re on vacation or visiting a nearby city take a selfie and share it with @CityHallSelfie and @ELGL50 so we can continue to showcase the gorgeous local government spaces across the country.

And, don’t forget to submit your nominations for the Members Choice #CityHallSelfie – it comes with an awesomely huge trophy so if we missed your favorite in the other awards category, make sure you submit your favorite selfie for this big award.

Lastly, I want to give a special thank you to the #CityHallSelfie media team that tirelessly manned the Twitter account, posted photos to the Facebook album, and mapped the selfies as they poured in by the hundreds. This team worked hard – no joke, the one hour shifts flew by because of how busy the day was. Thank you!

Have a great week –