Job Posting: Sustainability Program Coordinator

Job Posting: Sustainability Program Coordinator

City of Beaverton, Oregon

Sustainability Program Coordinator

  • SALARY:  $25.44 – $34.10 Hourly
  • OPENING DATE:  08/15/17
  • CLOSING DATE:  09/01/17 04:30 PM


The City of Beaverton is seeking a highly motivated individual to coordinate the city’s Sustainability Program. The position requires the ability to discuss sustainability (including environmental, economic, and equity) with city staff, the business community and general public in a professional and courteous manner.

The position will coordinate efforts to prioritize sustainability projects and create a unified strategy to reduce the city’s carbon footprint and adapt to a changing climate. Program components may include: climate mitigation and adaptation, accounting and reporting of greenhouse gases, natural resource management and conservation (energy, water, and land), reducing household consumption, transportation choices and the built environment.

Under the general supervision of a senior program manager of the Mayor’s Office, a successful candidate will develop, implement and administer operational and community sustainability initiatives. The position may work with department directors, division and program managers, and other staff, but does not have any direct supervision of any one position at this time. The job may have occasional responsibility to coordinate the work of interns or temporary program staff.

Recent projects for the position have included development of a climate action plan, a residential solarize campaign, a greenhouse gas inventory, and community engagement on climate and sustainability.

The position is a full-time position, primarily during standard office hours, with occasional evening and weekend event work (once or twice a month).

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