#CityHallSelfie Media Team

#CityHallSelfie day is August 15, 2017. ELGL has a team of members who will man the @CityHallSelfie Twitter account to ensure that every #CityHallSelfie is shared, mapped, and added to our Facebook album on the big day.

Watch how these dedicated members are getting PUMPED for the big day; we’ll share more videos this week with their tips and tricks on taking great #CityHallSelfies!

These fine volunteers will be primarily posting from @CityHallSelfie, but you should also follow them (use this handy list!) so you can see how they’re preparing for the big day.

  • East Coast – Ben Kittelson, Nick Smith, Ellis Johnson, Erin Schwie Langston
  • Central – Matt Yager, Matt Crozier, Laura Hardwicke
  • West Coast – Joey Garcia, Kirsten Wyatt, Kendra Davis, Kent Wyatt