In today’s Buzz: 5G Infrastructure, Trump in Paris, and Mayor’s Office Scams. Today’s Buzz is brought you by french fries, in honor of National French Fry Day. 

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  • Local Gov’ts Spend 4 million lobbying Nevada Legislature: Local government entities spent just over $3.75 million lobbying Nevada lawmakers in the just-concluded 2017 legislative session, a report released Wednesday by the Nevada Department of Taxation shows. The summary report of lobbying expenditures, required by state law, shows that total spending by counties, cities, schools and other local government entities increased by about $450,000 over the 2015 session, when $3.3 million was reported by local governments.

  • It’s Not the Mayor’s Office, It’s a Scam: Several Lincoln residents called a mayor’s office number this week wondering why the mayor would want to know about their health issues.  But it wasn’t Mayor Chris Beutler’s staff making those calls. It was a phone scam by someone who was “spoofing” the number of a mayor’s staff member.

  • New MO Law aims to increase accountability and transparency: A new Missouri law that goes into effect in August aims to increase transparency in governments across the state. Senate Bill 112 assesses a penalty on local government agencies that fail to disclose required financial information. It comes after Auditor Nicole Galloway released reports that showed nearly half of the state’s local governments were not releasing information on how taxpayer dollars are being managed.

  • What to Know about Oregon’s new public records laws: Oregon’s top political leadership tripped all over themselves in recent months to make state and local governments easier for citizens to scrutinize. The Legislature passed no fewer than four public records laws — pushed by the governor and attorney general — in the session that just ended. And the secretary of state weighed in unexpectedly with his own plan for improving government transparency.

  • In Nashville, Neighbors Find Traffic Slowing Measures: As Nashville’s traffic gets worse, more motorists are taking shortcuts through residential neighborhoods — sometimes at alarming speeds. That’s led to an increase in the number of requests to Metro government to install speed bumps and other traffic calming measures. One street in the Belmont Hillsboro area took a different approach.

  • HUD Takes Action Agains ACHA administrators: Housing and Urban Development has proposed indefinitely banning two former Alexander County Housing Authority executives and a board member from participating in federal government programs for a three-year period.

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  • The Most Important Infrastructure Project is 5G:Upgrading American wireless networks to 5G technology will have massive impacts on the U.S. economy and its competitiveness in the decades ahead. Accenture recently predicted that the rollout of 5G in the U.S. will create three million American jobs and drive over $500 billion U.S. GDP growth. More importantly, the upgrading of these networks, which will be funded almost entirely by the private sector, will improve the lives of every American.
  • Mayor vs. Manager: Who Should Run the City?: A city manager and a mayor are two of the most prestigious and important positions in local government. When we, as a prospective city, consider the roles of each, it is good to know which position carries more responsibility and decision-making authority. Lehigh Acres’ decision begins with the type of government that would best serve the needs of our community.