In today’s Buzz: France gets a new president, beer is expensive in Boston, and the dark origins of Mother’s Day. 

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Local Government Confidential

  • San Diego using loophole to hand out large raises during pay freeze: The city of San Diego has given nearly 150 high-level managers more than $4 million in pay raises since 2012 despite a voter-imposed salary freeze, saddling the city and its taxpayers with many millions in additional pension debt.
  • Winona residents, officials discuss downtown issues at bar: Ed’s No-Name Bar owner Ed Hoffman began planning the event last winter in an effort to provide the greater community with accessibility to officials outside of City Hall.
  • The history of Mother’s Day is actually quite dark: SPOILER ALERT: Ultimately, the fight—against the greeting-card companies, the candy shops, the nonprofits—would consume her. “She lost everything. It was a movement that economically, emotionally and physically drained her,” until her death in 1948, Antolini said. “She spent the last four years of her life in a sanitarium, blind and penniless.”