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Company name:  


Company web address:  

  • polco.us

Company Twitter handle: 

  • @polco_us

Company LinkedIn profile: 

  • https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/9329127/

Primary contact for ELGL members (full name + email address): 

  • Nick Mastronardi nick@polco.us

Write a haiku about your services:

  • Noooo! Same ten people!
    But I know there are way more
    Please help me, Polco!

Now share two sentences about what you do:

  • Polco helps local governments post, share broadly, and collect verified and organized citizen input data on policy polls and constituent sentiment surveys.
  • Polco strengthens community by fostering increased and improved civic engagement.

If your CEO were a character on “West Wing,” who would they be and why?

Definitely President Bartlet (HUGE Notre Dame fan!)

Please name two ELGL member local governments that use your product/service.

  • Austin
  • Madison