Today’s Buzz features news from the animal kingdom, marching in the name of science, and an adios to Bill O’Reilly.

The Buzz is brought to you by cakes that are what #Mwords would call, extra AF extra (doing too much, being pretentious, putting on a show.) The first pic is a cake I made myself! Lemon blackberry with lemon buttercream frosting and a bunch of sweet things on top. My baking talents conflict with my desire for visible abdominal muscles. Gah, I’m being kinda extra.

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Thousands Descended on DC to March for Truth and Science: In a world of alternative facts take comfort in knowing the world’s scientists, engineers, and physicists are going rogue and making fantastic protest signs.

Showdown Looms as Trump Demands Funding for Wall on US-Mexico Border: We’re nearing the first 100 day’s of Trumps presidency and campaign promises may be difficult to execute.

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‘I Dreamed of Africa’ Author and Conservationist, Shot in Kenya: Kuki Gallmann, a conservationist best known for her book I Dreamed of Africa, was ambushed and shot while she drove across her conservancy in Kenya Sunday morning.

With Bill O’Reilly Out, Fox Rivals See a Chance to Move In: Starting this week, a new era for prime-time cable news begins.

Juan Montes May Be the First DACA Recipient to Be Deported Under Trump: Juan Montes says he was deported by Customs and Border Patrol agents at the California-Mexico border despite his valid and unexpired DACA work permit. The Department of Homeland Security disputes his claim. Now he’s suing to get the government records related to his case.

The Heart of Whiteness: Ijeoma Oluo Interviews Rachel Dolezal, the White Woman Who Identifies as BlackI‘m sitting across from Rachel Dolezal, and she looks… white. Not a little white, not racially ambiguous. Dolezal looks really, really white. She looks like a white woman with a mild suntan, in box braids—like perhaps she’d just gotten back from a Caribbean vacation and decided to keep the hairstyle for a few days “for fun.”

This College Graduate’s Guide to Saving for Retirement: In the spirit of my own organization’s change in 457(b) providers, educate yourself on a little retirement planning. Don’t rely on that pension (if you have one) to carry you through your golden years…

‘I have nightmares’: Black man beaten by officer for jaywalking filing federal suit: The man repeatedly punched by a Sacramento, California police officer during a questionable jaywalking stop alleges he was abused in the Sacramento County Main Jail during his subsequent arrest.

Its location a mystery for centuries, huge Native American city is found in Kansas: Donald Blakeslee says he’s found Etzanoa, a long-lost city.

Local Gov Animal Confidential

Police pick up adorable intruders: A pair of pygmy goats: Police in Maine have picked up some adorable intruders after two miniature goats escaped from their home and wandered the streets.

Chasing London’s Cloud of Feral Parakeets: Tracking the green birds gave me a new vantage point on the city.

NC Zoo gets new animal ambassador: Don’t tell Kirsten Wyatt, but something stinks in NC.