Today’s Buzz features the bombings in Egypt, Mike Pence’s dining habits, and the cutest parklet there ever was. The Buzz is brought to you by The Room, the best worst movie ever created. James Franco is starring in The Disaster Artist, a movie about the movie, which premiered at SXSW last month. If you haven’t seen The Room, do so at once! It is a masterpiece of terrible acting, writing, and directing. If you’re in Portland I’ll go see it with you and we can throw plastic spoons at the screen.

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What I’m Listening To: Zach Wolf, he performed at a neighborhood restaurant last night and I can’t get him out of my head!

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What I’m Reading: The Disaster Artist! It’s $1.99 on Amazon Kindle… No excuse to not read about this terrible movie. Here’s a post about how to fully enjoy The Room if you’re able to see it in a theater.

This awful movie plays at Cinema 21 in Portland regularly. Great date night!

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Attacks on Christians in Egypt Undercut Sisi’s Promise of Security: President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is on the defensive after the Palm Sunday bombings at two Coptic churches in Egypt. Christians are the minority in Egypt, making up about 10% of the population. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks.

‘SNL’ Imagined What That Pepsi Ad Must Have Looked Like Behind The Scenes: Pepsi pulled an ad featuring Kendall Jenner ending racism with a can of soda last week. SNL came to our aid and imagined what it was like deciding to create the ad in the first place.

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Are We Witnessing The Beginning of The End for Free Music Streaming? “Our theory was simple,” wrote Daniel Ek, co-founder and CEO of Spotify, in 2014, “offer a terrific free tier, supported by advertising, as a starting point to attract fans and get them in the door.”

Governor Brown Declares California Drought Emergency Is Over: Startlingly green hills, surging rivers and the snow-wrapped Sierra Nevada had already signaled what Gov. Jerry Brown made official Friday: The long California drought is over.

The Future Of Driverless Cars Is A Bus: There are two types of driverless cars on the way. First, there’s what most people imagine: the car already in your driveway (or the one you can’t afford or don’t want to own) with tech-enabled super powers to take over the wheel on the highway, when you’re stuck in traffic, or when you’re drunk.

How Sloppy Science Creates Worthless Cure And Wastes Billions: Richard Harris titled his book Rigor Mortis, referring to the stiffening of the body after death, to convey that biomedical science as it is currently practiced suffers from a lack of rigor. It is a pun he must like, because he employs it very early and very often.

Thousands Take To Streets To Protest Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro: Thousands of opponents of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro poured into the streets of Caracas on Saturday as part of a weeklong protest movement that shows little sign of losing steam.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Used This Simple Trick To Cut Down On ‘Manterrupting’: Not even Supreme Court justices are safe from the “manterruption” pandemic. A new study of oral arguments from researchers at Northwestern University found that as more women join the Supreme Court—there are three now, the most ever—”the reaction of the male justices and the male [lawyers] has been to increase their interruptions of the female justices.”

Mike Pence Won’t Dine Alone With A Woman Who’s Not His Wife. Is That Sexist? Last week, the Washington Post profiled second lady Karen Pence, a devout Christian and devoted wife who is, as the story put it, her husband’s “prayer warrior,” “gut check” and “shield.” Ashley Parker, the reporter, noted that Vice President Mike Pence once had told The Hill, a political newspaper and website, that he never dines with women alone, nor does he attend functions without his wife if alcohol is being served.

Local Gov Confidential

Why So Many Americans Are Saying Goodbye To Cities:  What’s happening to New York City is a microcosm of what’s happening around the country—the hollowing out of the U.S. city.

Portland Votes To Divest From All Corporations: Portland City Council passed an amendment Wednesday (April 5) with a unanimous vote to end new investments in corporate securities in stocks and private bonds, including the Dakota Access Pipeline, President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall, corporations complicit in prisons and the occupation of Palestine.

Is This America’s Most Adorable Parklet? She was built in 1946 by an unknown craftsperson in Edmonds, Washington, measures 24 feet and 3 inches on deck, and has an outside ballast of 1,540 pounds. She’s also Seattle’s newest place to plop your rump—the Endurance, a parklet made from a hacked wooden sailboat.