National Research Center

National Research Center

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Company name:  

  • National Research Center, Inc.

Company web address:  


Company Twitter handle: 

  • @NRC_Inc

Company LinkedIn profile: 


Primary contact for ELGL members (full name + email address): 

  • Angelica Wedell

Write a haiku about your services:

  • citizen surveys
    advancing community

Now share two sentences about what you do:

  • National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) is dedicated to helping communities move forward through survey research and evaluation.
  • Our clients are local governments and other public sector entities who seek sound data for performance measurement, strategic planning, budgeting, community engagement and innovation.

If your CEO were a character on “West Wing,” who would they be and why?

  • So I’ve never actually watched West Wing, but after a cursory review on the Internet, I would say that our CEO and President Tom Miller would be Danny Concannon because the character is described as being very funny, often quirky, very intelligent, perceptive and honest.

Please name two ELGL member local governments that use your product/service.

  • City of Westminster, CO
  • City of Pearland, TX