In today’s buzz, no news about Trump because I’m spending the weekend living in an alternate reality. This buzz is brought to you by pictures of the Northern Californian coast, up near the border of Sonoma and Mendocino counties. Come visit.

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Local Government Confidential

  • ELGL members unite! Sara Ott has been selected as the new Aspen, Colorado assistant city manager. “Sara stood out for her strong background in local government leadership and her impressive research of Aspen and insightful understanding of our community,” City Manager Steve Barwick said in a press release. She also met with many of our senior level managers and received positive feedback from those interactions.” An article note from the article, “She will be moving with her husband and two small children into city employee housing in Water Place.” Fun Fact: Michelle Holder also works in Aspen. Michelle is the Management Analyst & Citizens Academy Coordinator.