In today’s Morning Buzz SpaceX makes history by launching and landing a used rocket, Michael Flynn offers to sit down and have chat with Congress on one condition, and Rep. Devin Nunes receives a little help from White House staff.

 Today’s Buzz takes a look back at the history of aerospace in the United States.

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SpaceX makes aerospace history with successful launch and landing of a used rocket  After more than two years of landing its rockets after launch, SpaceX finally sent one of its used Falcon 9s back into space. The rocket took off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, this evening, sending a communications satellite into orbit, and then landed on one of SpaceX’s drone ships floating in the Atlantic Ocean. It was round two for this particular rocket, which already launched and landed during a mission in April of last year. But the Falcon 9’s relaunch marks the first time an orbital rocket has launched to space for a second time.

Michael Flynn Offers to Testify Before Congress in Exchange for Immunity  Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser, has offered to be interviewed by House and Senate investigators who are examining the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia in exchange for immunity from prosecution, according to his lawyer and a congressional official.

Three White House officials tied to files shared with House intelligence chairman  At least three senior White House officials, including the top lawyer for the National Security Council, were involved in the handling of intelligence files that were shared with the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and showed that Trump campaign officials were swept up in U.S. surveillance of foreign nationals, according to U.S. officials.



50 Nifty

Robots Are Going To Kill Jobs Because They Already Have  Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says automation isn’t something he loses sleep over: “It’s not even on our radar screen . . . [it’s] 50 to 100 more years” away, as he said at an event organized by Axios. “I’m not worried at all,” he added. “In fact I’m optimistic.”

Trump’s Plan Won’t Reverse Coal’s Decline  President Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order rolling back steps taken by his predecessor, Barack Obama, to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change.

Seattle has had almost no sunny days since October  National Weather Service statistics show just how dark and dreary this winter has been.

Police deny getting St. Louis entrepreneur drunk, denying him lawyer  Police officers say they were unaware Todd Beckman was pouring himself vodka and said he never said he needed a lawyer.

Rahm To Introduce City ID Program For Undocumented Immigrants  The long-touted ID card would allow undocumented immigrants access to city services, cultural institutions, programs and other benefits, according to the mayor’s office.

‘I Don’t Think You Can Compromise on Civil Rights’  Depending on your point of view, Thursday was either a red-letter day for North Carolina or a day that should leave the state’s leaders red-faced with shame.

How Mike Pence’s Marriage Became Fodder for the Culture Wars  The Washington Post ran a profile of Karen Pence, the wife of Vice President Mike Pence, on Wednesday.

The ‘Big Liberal City’ Isn’t Big Enough  Ross Douthat’s suggestion that we break up America’s “big, booming, liberal cities” in The New York Times this past Sunday has set off a firestorm among urbanists.

Ten Things You Need to Know About Indianapolis City Culture  What makes one city different from another? Some of it is the geography, the economy, or the buildings. But a big chunk of it is culture.

Seven Ways Life Has Gotten Better in Rural America  Rural America is taking a beating in the news. Part of it is deserved. I grew up in rural Indiana and am shocked at some of what is going on there: severe hard drug problems, HIV outbreaks, serious crime, etc.

Brexit and Britain’s delusions of empire  Much of the rhetoric of the pro-Brexit crowd centers around the reclamation of British “sovereignty” from technocrats in Brussels. But the fantasy of Britain’s past collides almost farcically against Britain’s present.

‘Democrats Are Good For Gun Sales’: Guess What Happened After Trump’s Election  Donald Trump won the backing of the NRA and many gun owners by opposing limits to the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms, but his election hasn’t been good for the gun business.


Local Government Confidential

University Park board calls for mayor to resign  The village board wants her to resign, but the mayor of south suburban University Park said Thursday she’s not going anywhere. This comes in the wake of a federal investigation of the village’s finances.

Judge rules in legal battle between mayor and her own city council  A judge ended a legal fight Wednesday that had pitted the mayor against her own city council — a matter that is also likely to put taxpayers on the hook for thousands of dollars in legal fees.

City Council reacts to Mark Scott’s decision not to run for Mayor  In a surprise decision Thursday, just a day after an appeals court ruled him eligible to run for mayor in the May 6 special election, former City Councilman Mark Scott announced that he is dropping out of the race.