In today’s Buzz: Republicans get ready to vote on healthcare bill, commas commas and even more commas, and a transit mascot with an unsightly cold sore. This buzz is brought to you by the most wholesome of memes.

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Local Government Confidential

  • Oregon City: Non-Gentrifying Dogs Not Allowed?: From dog parks to pet-friendly cafes and so-called yappy hours, many businesses and developers are increasingly embracing pooches in the public sphere. Eugene, Oregon, seems to be moving in the opposite direction: Last week, the City Council approved a trial dog ban in the central part of the city’s downtown. Critics of the ban, however, say it’s not as much about dogs as the people who come with them — particularly the homeless.
  • California’s Message To ‘Disillusioned’ Federal Employees: The week after President Trump’s inauguration in January, Robert Garcia, the mayor of Long Beach, California, told Route Fifty in an interview that while city governments will certainly face challenges in the “new un-normal” of 45th president’s administration, municipal governments like his might stand to benefit in one regard.
  • More Chicken Trouble for NYC School Kitchens: It’s no giant chicken taking over the internet, but New York schools have once again pulled chicken tenders from its cafeteria menus, this time after a student found a piece of metal in one.