Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Dear ELGL members,

Poor little MJ. He discovered a skunk in our backyard at 4:50 a.m. on Friday.

I had planned to spend this weekend leisurely watching basketball, but those plans were interrupted when our dog, Michael Jordan, was skunked in the backyard on Friday – an hour before I was scheduled to complete a a big work project. As I type this, there’s still a faint skunky odor in ELGL headquarters, and MJ is sulking around the house because no one wants to be near him because he smells the worst of all.

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  • March Madness!

Digital Working Group

ELGL.org back when we were first getting started as an organization…

We’re starting a new long-range project for ELGL – a complete update and overhaul of our digital communications. As ELGL has grown over the years, we’ve pieced together things like our blog, social media sites, and email newsletter. And it’s worked great! But as we add more and more members, some cracks are starting to show and we want our digital footprint to be flawless.

To do this, we’ve convened a small group of ELGL members to evaluate and recommend updates and enhancements. The talented team from ProudCity will facilitate this process. We’ll keep the membership updated on our progress as we work through this project. It reminds me of when we developed our ELGL mission and goals a few years ago – this is an effort that will further refine and professionalize our work.

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