Today’s Buzz features an outdoor arcade game, unpaving roadways, and bicycles.

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What I’m Doing: Wondering why the cost of graduate school tuition doesn’t include maid service because all I did today during my first weekend of spring break was housework instead of homework.

What I’m Reading: Not a darn thing

What I’m Listening To: Merle Haggard Pandora Station

What I’m Watching: Still super addicted to HELL ON WHEELS

I’m loving my spring break, even though I’m not going anywhere. Today I thought I’d share my top 6 locations if I could go anywhere in the USA with my family for fun!

#6 – Overland Park, KS to see my sister who is expecting her 3rd child any day!
(plus, I *need* KC Joe’s Z-Man & fries, burnt ends from Jack Stack, and pie from the Upper Crust)

We’re Buzzin’

As Daylight Saving Starts, Some Ask: Why Fall Back at All? “Why do we essentially torture ourselves — in the spring in particular — and keep changing the clocks and messing everybody up?” asked Donna Bailey, a Democratic state representative from Saco, Me., who filed a bill on the matter this year. Under the current form of the bill, she said, Maine would have a referendum on the issue if both Massachusetts and New Hampshire made the switch.

Man pictured ‘humping’ Fearless Girl statue unveiled on Wall Street for International Women’s Day: A photo of a man “humping” a Wall Street statue symbolising female empowerment has gone viral on Facebook, just two days after the artwork was installed to mark International Women’s Day.

#5 – Steuben County, New York and see where my great-great-great grandfather lived.
(I’ve never been to NY, and love geneaology, so why not?)

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#4 – Napa, CA to eat one of these cheese-skirted hamburgers at Squeeze Inn Hamburger.
(someone please tell me these are terrible so I no longer salivate over them)

Upcoming ELGL Events

#3 – Scottsdale, AZ for Rockies Spring Training.
(This one’s mostly for my husband, but it would be fun!)

50 Nifty

Austin (Briefly) Gets a No-Frills Private Bike Share: A San Francisco startup, Spin, debuted a station-free bike share in Austin. Is it the next big thing or are they just spinning their wheels?

Seattle Makes a Pac-Man Pop-Up Park: Seattleites who are kicked outdoors by the parents/significant other for playing too much Xbox can still get some sweet video-game action, thanks to a new street maze that sucks people into the ghost-infested universe of “Pac-Man.”

An Artist Swapped ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ Subway Posters With Pleas for Civic Engagement: The artist, who asked CityLab to withhold their name, mimicked the font and design of the agency’s latest twist on the campaign, which it piloted in 2002 before licensing it to the Department of Homeland Security eight years later. The mantra has since gone national, and the MTA continues to tinker with its iterations, too.

Can a Bike Bridge Make Miami Safer for Cyclists?: The Rickenbacker Causeway makes an apt symbol for Miami’s potential as a city for bike enthusiasts. On the weekends, crowds of cyclists take advantage of the good weather to pedal across the five-mile-long bridge, which boasts idyllic views of the skyscrapers downtown, the islands of Biscayne Bay, and boats sailing to the Atlantic. But, at the same time, the causeway has seen the deaths of at least three cyclists since 2010.

In Omaha, ‘Reclaiming’ Potholed Streets Means Unpaving Them: The euphemism refers to a cost-saving measure that’s happening even in central districts, to the chagrin of residents. This reversion to gravel roads is one manifestation of a looming local infrastructure deficit.

Tacoma approves interim rule to block expansion of immigration detention center: The Tacoma City Council has taken another step to express its disapproval of the federal immigration detention center located in the Tideflats. The council voted Tuesday to drastically limit where public correctional facilities can be sited within city limits, and to ban new or expanded private correctional facilities across the city.

#2 – See a University of Kansas March Madness basketball game in person.
(’nuff said)

Local Gov Confidential 

New Jersey Town Rejects Mosque, Claims Zoning Issues: In a zoning meeting that featured New Jersey residents chanting the Lord’s Prayer in hopes of drowning out a group of Muslim men who had begun to pray, the zoning board of Bayonne New Jersey rejected an application to build a mosque in the city.

Phoenix city manager fired after 4 months: The Phoenix City Council voted 3-2 Wednesday to fire City Manager Jamie McLeod after she’d been in the job for just four months. During a 2½ hour meeting McLeod elected to make public, three department heads, including one that McLeod hired, voiced concerns about her leadership style and what Finance Director Janette Booth described as a “hostile work environment.”

Newport News City Manager Jim Bourey resigns: Bourey’s resignation comes in the wake of a state audit prompted by Daily Press stories about the Peninsula Airport Commission agreeing two years ago to pay off a $4.5 million loan for People Express airlines, a startup that failed after flying for three months. Bourey was on the commission at the time and defended its actions, but resigned last week to give the commission “a fresh start.”

#1 – The #ELGLCityHall winner, Peoria, IL for an ultimate #CityHallSelfie.

Where would you go?