March 2017: Birthdays and Books

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We’re singing “Happy Birthday” to these March birthdays.

March 1: Nate Broman-Fulks, Town of Carrboro, NC, Assistant to the Town Manager

March 2: John Morgan, Chinook Institute, Founder

March 3: Joe Collins, Town of Ashland, VA, Management Analyst

March 3: Sam Anselm, City of Joplin, MO, City Manager

March 11:  Noor Shaikh, City of Aurora, CO, Management Analyst

March 12: Jolene Kelley, Marion County, OR, Public Information Officer

March 17: Kathleen Walpole, Clark County, NV, Management Analyst II

March 20: Megan Doherty, Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency, Principal Planner

March 21: Brian Valentino, Western Monmouth Utilities Authority, Executive Director

March 24: Leslie Flynn, City of Oak Creek, WI, Communications Coordinator

March 24: Kirsten Wyatt, ELGL Executive Director

March 31: Dan Biles, Jefferson County, AL, Deputy County Manager