Recap: GovLove in February

Recap: GovLove in February

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February may be the shortest month of the year but it didn’t slow the GovLove crew down. We released six episodes this month with guests from Georgia to California. Our California based episodes are also two of our favorite episodes on doing things a little different in local government:

  • Kelly McAdoo from Hayward, CA talked about bringing startup culture to her city. She’s using empathy interviews, disruption and customer centered thinking to change how services get delivered. Plus she shared her perspective on being a woman in local government leadership.
  • The Wellbeing Project in Santa Monica, CA was the focus of our new intern-hosted episode, The Intern Files with Madison Thesing. Julie Rusk, the Chief of Civic Wellbeing (what a great title!), shared how her city is measuring wellbeing and working to improve it.

In addition we had episodes on managing cities with unique characteristics like a historic colonial district or Bavarian themed code; how e-permitting can make customer service so much better; running for City Council as a former staffer; and a one-of-a-kind celebration of hometowns.

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The Hometown Summit in Charlottesville, VA is a convention of leaders spearheading the nation’s most creative and successful community change. We talked with Carolyn Zelikow, one of the organizers from the Aspen Institute, and Adam Klein, a speaker from American Underground, to learn more. Listen

From Analyst to Candidate

Making the leap from administration to politics! Greg Clay, a candidate for Atlanta City Council, talked about why he’s running for office and the choice to go from staff to elected, plus stadium talk and Outkast. Listen


Empathy & Disruption

The City Manager of Hayward, CA Kelly McAdoo discussed how she’s brought concepts from Silicon Valley into local government. Find out how empathy interviews and customer focus helped her organization. Listen

The Wellbeing Project. The intern episodes return! This time as the Intern Files, Madison Thesing talked to Julie Rusk from Santa Monica, CA about their approach to measuring and improving community wellbeing. Listen

Permitting and customer service! Learn how local governments can do better at serving the public and how technology can help. Listen

Unique cities and management. Find out what it’s like to work for a Bavarian Village and a Colonial Town in the 21st century. Listen