Little Chute, WI vs. Cedar Rapids, IA

Little Chute, WI vs. Cedar Rapids, IA

Over the past three weeks, ELGL members and friends took part in ELGL City Hall Madness, narrowing the field from 64 to this week as we head into the Elite Eight.

Vote in the head-to-head match-ups to determine which city hall advances to the Elite Eight. Voting ends at 11:59 EST on February 24. Follow along and fill out your own bracket as we release the winners from each round.

Tournament Dates

  • Week of January 30: Round of 64
  • Week of February 6: Round of 32
  • Week of February 13: Sweet 16
  • Week of February 20: Elite 8
  • Week of February 27: Final 4
  • Week of March 6: National Championship

Spread the word using #ELGLCityHall. Win bonus points for your favorite city hall by leaving a comment on what makes it so great.

13 comments on “Little Chute, WI vs. Cedar Rapids, IA

  • Village Resident says:

    I am so proud of Little Chute and the support of our friends near and far. What an honor to be nominated and now representing in the top 10! Our village hall represents the heart of our community. Bottom line is that’s what makes it so great. The combination of old and new with community events on the plaza and of course, the beautiful functioning windmill. Boldt Construction and the other various contracted companies should be very proud of their work. Keep voting friends, and never under estimate a small village with a huge heart! #runthetable #ELGLCityHall.

  • Angus McGornee says:

    Why do the Tournament Dates say “Week of February 20: Elite 8,” yet the voting is open the morning of the 18th?

  • Angus McGornee says:

    Go Little Chute go! Wow, that last round was unbelievable, no? Little Chute ran away from Sturbridge, Mass.,(YEAH!) in first round…and in the last round (which just ended), Lil’ Chute was 288 votes behind with less than 48 hours to go… roared back to win over Glen Ellyn by 726 votes, unbelievable! Almost exactly a 1,000 vote surge in less than 48 hours, unbelievable! Excluding the overnight hours, when everyone is fast asleep, that is about 50 votes an hour… unbelievable!

    Even more impressive, Lil’ Chute had 1,315 in the first 96 hours of the contest, and in half that time, the last 48 hours, racked up 1,756 votes, unbelievable!

    Well, I for one am now a believer! When I read last week in the newspaper that an administrative specialist for Little Chute, guaranteed a victory, I was skeptical…”I’m 100 percent sure we are going to win this week,” said Julie Routhieaux, an administrative specialist for Little Chute. “I know we’re going to win. We have a good game plan. We have some things in our pockets”

    Good game plan? Understatement! Unbelievable game plan! And those things in their pockets? Unbelievable! Hey, Samuel L. Jackson, it’s not “What’s in your wallet?” sir, it’s “What’s in your pockets?”

    Unbelievable victory Little Chute. Truly, it is unbelievable. Good luck in the next couple rounds, although, with those pockets, thinking ya don’t need any luck. As the Dutch say, “Veel geluk!” or “good luck,” or as the Japanese say, “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.”

  • Jennifer Dorn Vandenberg says:

    One thing that sticks out in Little Chute that makes it great… the local pharmacist donates to the local police department necessary antidotes that they don’t have enough of due to lack of resources/funding

    • Angus McGornee says:

      Maybe if Little Chute hadn’t spent all that money on the two year old “historic” windmill from the Restoration Hardware catalog, they’d have funds to take care of their infrastructure, community and residents, and not apply pressure on local businesses to fill their funding gaps.

  • Angus McGornee says:

    This is about the same time last week when Julie unleaded the bot and a 300 plus deficit turned into a 600 vote surplus in a matter of hours…Mr. Roboto time or is there too much of a cushion?

    • Angus McGornee says:

      If you squint really hard, you can see the building in this contest behind the new Subway sandwich building. 🙂

    • Angus McGornee says:

      Jeremy, at least it’s a picture of your city hall, Little Chute’s City Hall is the old building behind the Subway/Hardee’s/Taco Bell looking building. The Windmill just happens to be front and center, they keeping pushing forward this “historic” 2-year old windmill as part of the competition. And they keep using the word “integrity.”

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