Today’s Buzz features some illustrations from various Archie comics in honor of the fantastic new show Riverdale!!  Yes I am deliberately ignoring Valentines Day.

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Lawyers For Bowe Bergdahl Say He Can’t Get A Fair Trial After Trump Criticisms: Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy for leaving his base in Afghanistan. He spent years in Taliban captivity. President Trump has called him a “traitor.”

Whole Foods to Undergo Unprecedented Downsizing: A symbol of urbanist affluence is getting its first reality check. 2017 has not been kind to brick and mortar retailers.

John Oliver Is Buying Ads on Cable News to Talk to President Trump: It’s become a truism of the weeks-old presidency of Donald Trump: If you want to reach the chief executive, and if you don’t happen to have the kind of sway that might get you a White House meeting or a golf game at Mar-a-Lago … no worries: Simply advertise to him. Buy some ad time during the shows the president is known to watch—cable-news morning shows, Saturday Night Live—and influence away. Trump is a creature of television, his fame a product of its charms and his daily habits attuned to its rhythms. If you happen to be in a position to buy yourself some time on TV, it’s possible to talk to him—directly to him—via that defining medium.

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This Heatless Habanero Packs All Of The Flavor With None Of The Burn: Some breeders vie to grow ever more mouth-burning peppers. The guy behind the Habanada had a different goal: a habanero with no heat all. The aromatic, melon-like result is winning over top chefs.

Pollution Has Worked Its Way Down To The World’s Deepest Waters: Tiny creatures in the Mariana Trench have high levels of industrial contamination. The new findings suggest that even Earth’s most remote locales feel the effects of human beings.

Rollout Of Chevy Bolt May Mark Turning Point For Electric Car Market: The Chevy Bolt can go 238 miles on a single charge and costs about $30,000, after a federal tax credit. But the clean-car industry needs government support to thrive, and that’s far from certain.

Trump Declines To Say Whether He Has Full Confidence In Flynn: This comes after days of speculation about Flynn’s status, given that he may have lied or misled the soon-to-be vice president about the nature of his conversation with the Russian ambassador.

A NASA Engineer Was Required to Unlock his Phone at the Border: Everything started to go wrong just after 5 a.m., when Sidd Bikkannavar scanned his passport, placed his hand on a fingerprint reader, and watched as the automated customs kiosk spat out a receipt with a black X drawn across it.

The Sad State of Rock at the Grammys: It was a rough night for rock. Megadeth, the Grammy winner for Best Metal Performance, walked to the stage to the tune of “Master of the Puppets,” a song that’s actually by another band, Metallica. Before Metallica’s own performance, actress Laverne Cox introduced the band only as “Lady Gaga,” who was onstage, but in a supporting role. Finally, Metallica frontman James Hetfield kicked off the song by singing into an unplugged mic. The trinity of tiny humiliations served as an easy metaphor for the long demise of rock, a Viking funeral for the former king of American music.

Shopping Becomes a Political Act in the Trump Era: Handbags, dresses and other ordinary items — and where they are bought — have become politicized, turning shopping decisions into acts of protest for the millions.

Local Gov Confidential

Christopher Kennedy seeks to lead the state that made his uncle president: The son of RFK announced last week he will run for governor of Illinois in 2018.

Abandoned homes in Kansas City to go on sale for $999: The Land Bank of Kansas City’s latest promotion is offering roughly 50 homes for $999 apiece

Missouri Republicans’ push to limit lawsuits could have unexpected beneficiaries: themselves: Some pending bills limiting lawsuits could help the sponsors or their top contributors.

St. Louis police sergeants injured on duty are at center of overtime pay controversy: City policy says sergeants must forfeit overtime compensation in a pay period when they take time off, even for duty-related injures.