Little Chute, WI vs. Glen Ellyn, IL

Little Chute, WI vs. Glen Ellyn, IL

Over the past two weeks, ELGL members and friends took part in ELGL City Hall Madness, narrowing the field from 64 to this week as we head into the Sweet Sixteen. Vote in the head-to-head match-ups to determine which city hall advances to the Elite Eight. Voting ends at midnight EST on February 17. Follow along and fill out your own bracket as we release the winners from each round.

Winner: Little Chute, WI

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  • Week of February 6: Round of 32
  • Week of February 13: Sweet 16
  • Week of February 20: Elite 8
  • Week of February 27: Final 4
  • Week of March 6: National Championship

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77 comments on “Little Chute, WI vs. Glen Ellyn, IL

  • Village Resident says:

    The best thing about the Village of Little Chute? IT’S RESIDENTS! Truly is one of the safest, nicest and dynamic places to live.

    • And big fat liars for posting a fake photo of the village hall on this contest. Let’s not forget that. One person felt the need to speak for all Little Chuters, so the contest should be canceled and Little Chuters should live in shame.

  • Angus McGornee says:

    C’mon Little Chute…your city hall is not even in the picture…heck, we have a SubWay that looks just like your City Hall 🙂 City Hall not even in the picture LOL

    • Flim Flannegan says:

      The great thing about that wikipedia page is that it’s honest, and doesn’t claim it to be the CITY HALL.

      Do you understand that? This is a contest for BEST CITY HALL.

      The windmill is NOT the CITY HALL.

      Are you guys part of the Trump Administration?

    • Amanda, the windmill is NOT the village hall. The village hall actually has a sign on it that says “VILLAGE HALL” attached to it by the front door! The actual village hall may have an operating water fountain in it, but it most certainly does not have an operating windmill on top of it.

    • We’ve got an 108 story 1400 foot skyscraper and is the greatest Village Hall of all time. It just happens to be 40 miles away in Chicago and the sign on it says Willis Tower.

  • Angus McGornee says:

    Thanks Amanda, sounds like a pleasant place to live, or die. An operating wind mill, wow. We have a choo-choo train. We are working on a Grist Mill and Blacksmith shop…and of course we’ve had thee Tannery for YEARS now!

    And doublecheeseburger wow, you have your very own Wikipedia page? Now THAT is something, and amazing in and of itself…you know David Spanbauer, Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Walter Ellis also have their own Wikipedia pages too, so…

    Does Lil’ Chute OPERATE the city business in the OPERATING Dutch smock mill itself? And do the village administrators wear wooden shoes? Or, do they OPERATE in the interpretive center in Crocs. Or, or, is your city hall (not pictured) actually a building across the plaza build in the 2000ish style of Post- post-Jeffersonian architecture, a blend of Neo-Classicism Neo-Palladianism and Neo-SubwayTaco BellSbaroism? (Sorry GE Taco Bell!)

    Good luck to you and all the lil’ Chuters.

  • Little Chute Dutchess says:

    I am very proud of our Little Chute community. The voting support for our village hall (which includes the windmill on it’s plaza) is incredible with our size not only in this round, but all of the rounds so far. There is no need for anyone to degrade or deceive. The picture used (which ELGL chose) is I believe, the picture from the Village of Little Chute website ( The layout and placement of our structures (windmill and village hall) was all by design, not by separation.The plaza between the two structures is mostly utilized for community involvement. The Parks and Rec department, housed in village hall, teamed up with the libraries in Little Chute and close by Kimberly to have Party on the Plaza, engaging Little Chute families. It was announced today that the Village of Little Chute will host a farmer’s market on the plaza. Easy to see that this encourages profit for local producers but promotes civic engagement. The Little Chute Community Band also has concerts on the plaza between the structures, just for sheer enjoyment. There’s been brat fry’s to raise money for the local fire department, and other events too numerous to mention ALL IN SUPPORT OF OUR VILLAGE! We do have volunteers that come in traditional Dutch attire to the plaza so the younger generations can experience tradition and be better educated on the Dutch culture. Dare I say if we asked Administrator Fenlon to wear wooden shoes he would? Mr. Fenlon is a young man with a HUGE vision of growth and strength in the community, and served on the windmill committee. I could go on about all the great things our community offers as a part of village hall but the bottom line is that we don’t see two separate entities, we see ONE GREAT VILLAGE HALL, and ONE FANTASTIC COMMUNITY!

    • Little Chuter Dutchess, that is fantastic. Little Chute is just like every other little quaint town in America. You have fund raisers and old fire trucks and a commnity band and loving and caring people that love the history of your town, YEAH! But that windmill is not the village hall, and it really has no history in your town. It was built in Holland and shipped to your town. Whatever town it was built in, that is it’s history.

      You also have a single building that operates as the Village Hall. It says it right on the side of the building by the front door. The contest is not “best building located near the village hall” is it? No.

  • Angus McGornee says:

    “I’m 100 percent sure we are going to win this week,” said Julie Routhieaux, an administrative specialist for Little Chute. “I know we’re going to win. We have a good game plan. We have some things in our pockets.”

    At first, I thought Ms. R was alluding to cheese curds in her pockets…. but now I’m guessing she has the judges in her pockets, for allowing the photo…you don’t mind if we misrepresent by putting a picture of one of our nearby treasures, maybe our high school football field, Duchon Field, (Voted by USA Today as one of the ten most scenic HS football settings in the nation)? It’s just across the “plaza”!

    You should have read the contest’s fine print, in addition to the trophy, the winner of this contest inherits Jay Cutler…which might be good for him and you all, because he plays like he is wearing wooden shoes.

    #lilchutecheats 🙂

    • FYI Flim, your photo does not prove that the building in your photo is the Village Hall. It seems to be a “llage Hall” in a town called Ttle Chute. Clearly not Little Chute. You may want to check your facts.

      Put the Windmill photo back up please.

  • So, the photo has been changed from a windmill to a dime a dozen strip mall style box? When was that built, 2009 or so? They cheated! All the votes they received from the fake photo should be removed from the total, no? I am figuring they got about 1100 or so votes with their alternative fact photo that was posted by their cheating poster. Too late me thinks, they flat out cheated and the town should be stripped from entering this and any other insignificant lame internet poll for the next 10 years. I feel sorry for the towns they beat to get to this round. Make them pay! #LittleChuteIsAFraud

  • Couple of my fellow GE residents need to dial back a bit. Both appear to be great towns with great people. The windmill issue has been resolved. Glen Ellyn is quickly catching up. Now let’s all try to be a bit more classy here. Nobody wants to see grammar poor tirades made by poor representatives of our great town.

    • Angus McGornee says:

      I think the Lil Chuters should know most of us southerners here are just expressing ourselves tongue-in-cheek, although, they might be mistaking it for a wad of Red Man.

      Please allow me to share a poem, in hopes that it will bring us together, I call it, “Always Winter in Lil Chute”

      It’s Winter in Lil Chute
      And the gentle breezes blow.
      Seventy miles an hour,
      At thirty-five below.

      Oh, how I love Lil Chute,
      When the snow’s up to your butt.
      You take a breath of winter air
      And your nose gets frozen shut.

      Yes, the weather here is wonderful,
      So I guess I’ll hang around.
      I could never leave Lil Chute,
      ‘Cause I’m frozen to the ground!

  • Amanda Crowley says:

    It’s interesting that no one from Glen Ellyn can say anything good about their own city hall…they just bash the one in Little Chute.

    (I live in Chicago…I have no horse in this race. But the hilariously over-the-top responses from Glen Ellyn make it clear that Little Chute is more deserving.)

    • Flim Flannegan says:

      Wait, you called ours boring!

      Our city hall is beautiful, classic, and doesn’t purport to be something it’s not!

      I think Little Chute’s windmill is awesome. I truly do. Let me know when it’s up for best windmill, and I’ll be there bright and early to stuff the ballot box.

    • Our city hall was designed after the classic architectural style called Jeffersonian architecture. Thomas Jefferson the originator of it. It is one of the most influential styles throughout the United States. It is a lovely building that has a clock that lights up at night. The city added a water fountain years ago to the front of the building to add to it’s classic look. It is a wonderful building that has a rich history in the town.

      Obviously, a little sarcasm in a fun internet poll is not allowed. We apologize. Have a nice day.

    • And it is not like Glen Ellynites cheated in the contest. Which I guess you approve of? Again, sorry for calling out a resident of Little Chute that thought putting up an inaccurate photo of their village hall. Have a wonderful day.

    • Angus McGornee says:

      I for one wasn’t bashing Lil Chute’s City Hall…, it wasn’t pictured.

      Little Chute sounds like, and looks like, an outstanding place. Can’t til when we meet again in the Public Works Salt Dome competition.

    • iamthemotherclucker says:

      For the record, I live in Connecticut, not Illinois.

      I do note that the Little Chutians have changed the picture of their town hall. So apparently the hilarious responses pointing out the fake picture worked.


    • Angus McGornee says:

      From the recent article: “Little Chute upped its game after the victory over Asheville. The picture used in the first round showed the Grand Avenue side of Village Hall. The picture used in the second round shows Little Chute’s authentic, functioning Dutch windmill, which is located on the same plaza as Village Hall.”

      Same story also says, “Fenlon said Little Chute has relied on social media — Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — to encourage people to vote. He knows that the village will have to ramp up its effort to make a deep run in the tournament. Population powerhouses like San Francisco, Las Vegas and Austin, Texas, loom as potential opponents.”

      Guess Glen Ellyn is not a powerhouse (except football), Chuters were (are) looking beyond us #noGErespect 🙂

  • Glen Ellyn Resident says:

    Our Village Hall is a lovely building, I wish we would use a better photo… 5 minutes on the internet and you can find 100 better than the photo we put up.

  • Those windmills were available in the Restoration Hardware Source Book in 2014, if I remember correctly. You had to place your order and the windmill kit and a single multi-tool were shipped to your city hall for assembly by your public works department. They were discontinued in 2015 when only two communities purchased them, Little Chute, WI and Pendleton Bay, British Columbia.

  • I think us Glen Ellyn folk were told on another social media page that we need anger management classes or something due to the comments here. I believe all the comments were done out of good fun. Glen Ellyn folk don’t hate anyone or any place. We are a very friendly town and the word hate really never crosses our lips in any of our conversations. We are always looking to help others. Just drive through the neighborhoods and see all the lawn signs about a charity event that draws attention to ourselves. The love in this town goes deep and there is no hate for anyone.

    Actually, if there is any hate, it is solely based on our own town because we are all stuck here due to our house prices dropped drastically in the late 2000’s and we can’t sell. And our taxes are so high, we pay more taxes each month than a mortgage payment. Or that we vote for a representative over and over again and all he does is duck questions and fails at each step of his job to help us out.

    But no hate towards other towns. Really. We swear.

    Well, check that, maybe Lombard. Yes we hate Lombard because of a bridge and they have better restaurants than us. Oh, and Wheaton. We hate Wheaton because they have a parking garage downtown and we have, well, we have spots on one way streets we can’t drive due to traffic most of the time. Then there is Downers Grove, those bastards rebuilt their entire downtown and made it a destination and all we have is signs on our street lights that say our women are well dressed in nice fancy shoes.

    Actually, take that back, we hate Little Chute as well because you actually came up with an idea that would have killed in Glen Ellyn. You went out and bought a freakin Windmill! How cool is that! Right in the downtown! BRILLIANT! People drive for miles to see it! Damn you! We have a broken flora clock that was dedicated to a village president that failed us or something (I can’t remember because I hate the clock so much), and we have a water fountain that was dedicated to another president long past that doesn’t work and has to be turned off becuase it floods the walks and is a hazard. Then there is that stupid horse trough that everyone seems to love but just creates a one way traffic nightmare in our downtown so once a quarter, someone tries taking it out with an SUV (Well, that actually may be due to our drivers are all required it seems like to have their cell phone in one hand and a Yeti coffee cup in the other while they drive with their knee).

    But I digress, back to the internet poll at hand. We kid. We kid! We love everyone. Good luck to Little Chute in the next round. We may come and visit sometime and check out the beautiful windmill! Maybe we can become sister cities?

    Peace to all, and all a good day. God bless Little Chute.

  • Glen Ellyn Resident says:

    As this epic battle winds down, we should concentrate on things that our two lovely villages can agree on:

    Our football fans hate the opposing team.
    Our football team sucks and yours doesn’t.
    Both our Quarterbacks are jerks, but only one gets is a great player (and it’s sure not Cutler).
    Both baseball teams have had their ups and downs, but everyone loves Bernie Brewer & Ronnie Woo Woo.
    Wisconsin people go to Chicago for the weekend.
    Chicago people go to Wisconsin for the weekend.
    Both villages are quite lovely.
    Little Chute has a really cool village square with an awesome windmill.
    Glen Ellyn has a very nice downtown with an awesome high school on a beautiful lake.
    This weather is great for Glen Ellyn people and is cutting in to your snowmobiling.

    In a couple months, this will all be forgotten and next time we in the area, we will make a detour to visit our respective communities when in the area.

    • Angus McGornee says:

      Every minute this afternoon, Little Chute has been getting two votes, consistently, GE has had only 32 votes since this morning while LC has gained over 350. I’ve asked a number of people to vote, they get the message “Your vote already counted” Happened to me today. Now we know what they have in their pockets, a bot. (In the time it took me to type that, LC gained 9 votes.)

    • No, Kristen, the person running the poll for ELGL decided to block an entire range by location to prevent one of the towns from voting. Says it right on the PollDaddy website that IP blocking is an advanced option and can be edited during a live poll.

      • Angus McGornee says:

        Gaba, the vote have been consistent 2-3 a minute, we’ve been watching. My Missouri child was told “she voted” when she had never, same for her two roommates. So, not only location.

    • Little Chute Dutchess says:

      I’m not sure that I understand why when votes go up for Glen Ellyn it’s because you deserve it, and when Little Chute pulls ahead they are cheating? I have not been able to vote again since Wednesday when I cast my initial vote by pc, phone, or ipad. Nor can any member of my family. Did you see any resident from our Village accuse Glen Ellyn of cheating? If you have been able to vote more than once, then it truly has been an unfair poll as everyone that I know has only had the capability of voting once. Gaba, Jim, Angus, before you go bashing the ELGL and Little Chute I would recommend you get facts instead of these manic and really outlandish accusations!

      • Angus McGornee says:

        We had a Village wide email that went out yesterday, hence our performance. Today, almost no one can vote. The facts are we were 354 votes ahead at 9am, now over 200 behind. LC has logged 2-3 votes a minute since 1:35pm. We’ve been logging it on our Forum (our community site were we chat). We have asked at least 50 people who have never voted to vote, from Ohio to Missouri…only 2 of 40 could. All of us who have voted, could not today. LC has gained 600 votes in one day, while GE has barely cracked 100. I provided the hour by hour counts as we watched them, but, magically, my comments disappeared. Those are the facts. Live with it. Your windmill is fake, and so is your indignation.

      • Angus McGornee says:

        Got some censorship going on. Why are the vote count documentations that I’m providing keep getting removed. You want an honest contest, allow honest comments. I’m sensing a cover up. Who is the moderator that is not allowing the information to be provided?

        8:41pm last night, LC had 1,345 votes in 4 days
        8:41pm tonight, LC added another 1,000 in 24 hours (actually, since 9am)

        • Little Chute Dutchess says:

          Angus, why don’t you go eat some cheese curds and sing Kumbaya….we liked you a lot better that way! As I mentioned, we (in Little Chute and surrounding areas)have not been able to vote more than one time in this contest. Although the ELGL would have the right to block, why would they? Because Glen Ellyn is behind now? ELGL has done a wonderful job of creating what was supposed to be a fun contest and it’s people like you that ruin it for everyone. Others don’t need wooden shoes or a Forum or even cheese curds to figure that out.

          • Angus McGornee says:

            Wow, personal attacks, not necessary. I simply explained, with facts what we have observed. We have documented the inability of many residents and non-residents to vote, we have documented the consistent addition of 2-3 votes a minutes since 1:35pm. We have documented a 700 vote swing during that time. We have had two of those posts documenting all that removed. We have attacked no one. Wish you the best, good luck.

          • We have users that never voted unable to vote right now. We also know that there is a company that will gladly use a bot to vote that was probably paid a sum of $77 to vote 1000 votes in 24 hours to pad the totals for Little Chute. I watched with my own eyes 5 different people that didn’t even know about this poll try and vote and they got a message saying they already voted. Julie even said she had something in her pants to solidify the win, that was $77 bucks for 1000 votes apparently. She will need another $770 in the next round to stay close to the votes she will need to win.

  • So, we are getting reports that some Glen Ellyn people that have never voted are getting a message that says “we have already counted your vote” along with dozens of people that have voted in days past but cannot vote today.

    Congrats to Little Chute for having something in your pants I guess and winning this silly online poll! We bow to your superiour purchasing or blocking of votes!

    • Confirmed. My wife just tried to vote from her phone and got the message that her vote was already counted. No WiFi, just mobile. She has not voted from any device. Cool blocking thing going on!

      • Angus McGornee says:

        I asked 3 family members to vote by phone that are at college and didn’t know about it, all 3 couldn’t vote.

  • Angus McGornee says:

    Where are my comments detailing how the vote counts have risen this afternoon? Seriously, who removed it?

  • Glen Ellyn Resident says:

    I just had an out of town guest try and vote (he hadn’t even heard of the contest) and it said he already voted…

  • Just had 4 different neighbors try and vote. All 4 knew nothing about this poll. All 4 got the message that their votes have already been counted. I know of marketing services where you can spend money to purchase votes on PollDaddy polls from unregistered IP’s. I believe this is what is happening here, but obviously, ELGL has also put some type of ISP block in place to stop IP addresses from the Glen Ellyn area from voting. I block IPs by location all the time. I can pull up the PollDaddy documentation to see if blocking IPs by location is a setting.

    Nicely done Little Chute and ELGL.

  • Yep, just as I confirmed, you can block users by IP on any PollDaddy poll. Says so right on their website.

    So there you have it, nice try Glen Ellyn, you have been blocked.

  • Denise Harshbarger says:

    Glen Ellyn is the best! Well run City Hall, great shopping, community events, library, parks. They’ve got it all!

  • Jennifer Dorn Vandenberg says:

    Little Chute is the best because right across from it is a beautiful windmill, not to mention the small town feel and the small town attitudes are still in full force. People from the area truly care about each other!

    • And apparently your city government has a few hundred dollars extra to purchase votes to win online polls. Good on you Little Chute! Next time I am in the area (I have family in WI), I will be stopping by and check out the Windmill. Good luck against your next opponent! You may have to use a ton more money against Mosier, OR! That city hall is the bomb!

  • Just another Joe says:

    I cant believe this is even a subject of debate. Some of you people have way too much time on your hands are way too smug about your snotty little towns I cant believe I wasted 30 seconds of my life on this. Bad on me.

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