In the Buzz, Betsy DeVos, travel bans, and we hear from a few Mayor’s about arts taxes and executive orders.
Today’s buzz is all about workin’ on your fitness. How are those New Year’s Resolutions coming along? If you started slacking, get back on track this week!

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What I’m Reading – Nothing new yet… I just ordered The Disaster Artist. Have you seen The Room? It’s awful/awesome.

What I’m Doing – Writing up a meal plan for the week and polishing off a gallon of water.

What I Want To Know From You – Whats your favorite form of exercise? I love lifting weights and I hate cardio more almost more than I hate Tom Brady.


  • Short One Vote to Defeat Betsy DeVos, Democrats Refuse to Yield Floor: Short of one critical but elusive Republican “no” vote against Betsy DeVos, a billionaire philanthropist with little experience in public schools and a shaky showing at her confirmation hearing, Democrats on Monday did the only thing they could: They talked.
  • Federal Appeals Court Decides to Schedule a Hearing on Trump Travel Order: The hearing, to be conducted via telephone, is to review an order by a lower court judge to put Trump’s travel ban on predominantly Muslim countries on hold. The broad issue here is whether Trump exceeded his authority and violated First Amendment and federal immigration law, and whether the executive order imposes irreparable harm on those it affects.
  • Lady Gaga Made America Spectacular Again: She may not have explicitly addressed politics but if you look closely I bet you can find some activism there. Also, I’m going to rush out to purchase a new sequin outfit for #ELGL17.




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  • Yes, All This Happened. Trump’s First 2 Weeks As President: President Trump’s first two weeks in office have been a sprint, not the start of a marathon. If the rapid pace and, sometimes, hourly developments of executive orders, news, controversies and more have left you exhausted, you’re not alone.
  • What Trans Men Know About Gender in the Workplace: The workplace gender gap is real: In a report published last fall, the Economic Policy Institute found that after controlling for education and occupation, women are paid less than men, even among recent college graduates. In another study, researchers gave science faculty identical resumes of a candidate applying for a lab manager position, but with different names.
  • The State of Residential Solar Power:Don’t panic, but we will need to generate approximately 15TW of usable energy from renewable (carbon-neutral) sources by 2050 in order to stabilize the atmospheric CO2 concentration. And purely in terms of available energy, solar power has the greatest potential for meeting this requirement.
  • MoMA Takes a Stand: Art From Banned Counties Comes Center Stage: President Trump’s executive order banning travel and rescinding visas for citizens of seven majority-Muslim nations does not lack for opponents in New York — from Kennedy Airport, where striking taxi drivers joined thousands of demonstrators, to the United Nations, whose new secretary general, António Guterres, said the measures “violate our basic principles.”
  • The Great Texas Pension Fix: Houston owes its police, fire, and city workers about $7.8 billion, and it doesn’t exactly have the cash on hand. Their hard-fought solution could serve as a model for the rest of Texas, and the nation.
  • Mayor Kasim Reed Proposes Arts Tax for Atlanta: Atlanta has been called the “best city in the nation to be an artist,” and today Mayor Kasim Reed announced his desire for a dedicated funding stream to boost that rep: a one-tenth of a penny increase to the city’s sales tax.
  • Pittsburgh Mayor: ‘We Follow the Constitution, Not Executive Orders’: Bill Peduto talks about why he joined airport protests, his take on the Uber backlash, and the perils of a being a sanctuary city in the Rust Belt.
  • Why Hawaii is No Paradise for Teachers: Hawaii’s beauty attracts instructors from the mainland, but its cost of living and remoteness lead to high turnover.
  • Edible Marijuana: Issues for the Workplace: Edibles can be undetectable and potent, raising questions for employers.
  • First Trial Over Nevada Standoff Begins for Cliven Bundy: The federal conspiracy trials against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his followers is beginning on Monday, with jury selection for the trial of six of Bundy’s supporters.

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