Welcome to the Buzz! Today’s Buzz features the hottest year on record, the pension crisis in Texas, and a prankster on Fox News. On January 14th, Space X successfully delivered 10 satellites to low-Earth orbit for Iridium so today the Buzz celebrates the launch, delivery, and landing reusable rockets!. 

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2016 Was The Hottest Year Yet, Scientists Declare: Global temperatures soared above the 20th century average last year, as the climate continues to change. It’s the hottest it has been since scientists started tracking global temperatures in 1880.

President Obama’s Final Word: ‘We’re Going to Be Okay’ Barack Obama is the leader of the nation’s progressive political party, but his belief in progress is more fundamental than a simple political label. “Hope” may have seemed a facile or even juvenile basis for a presidential campaign in 2008, but it was a sincere one, as Obama demonstrated one final time Wednesday afternoon in the final press conference of his presidency.

People in Rural Areas Are Dying Earlier Than People in Urban Areas Access to healthcare and city or suburban lifestyles seem to be tied to a longer life.



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Astronaut tweets stunning photo of Detroit from outer space: NASA astronaut tweets photo of Detroit, Cleveland, Ann Arbor and Toledo at night from International Space Station

U.S. accuses JPMorgan of mortgage discrimination in lawsuit The U.S. said the bank overcharged “thousands” of black, Hispanic borrowers.

The last time the Earth was this warm was 125,000 years ago: The planet sizzled to its third straight record warm year in 2016, and human activity is to blame.

Labor leader Teresa Mosqueda announces run for Seattle City Council: Teresa Mosqueda, a labor-movement leader, is running for Position 8 on the Seattle City Council this year. She joins an already crowded field.

A prankster tried to troll Fox News live on air. It’s the strangest thing you’ll see on cable news. You have to see this segment to believe it. It’s not every day that a television news outlet purposely invites hoaxers in order to confront them live on air about their hoax. But that’s exactly what Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson tried on Tuesday night — to incredibly bizarre results.


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Which Cities Are Gentrifying? Walkable cities with strong downtowns are closing the economic gap with suburbia, while sprawling cities—even those with high population growth—are not doing as well.

Inland Empire Community Looking for Ways to Meet Environmental Standards: Those who live in Bloomington, east of L.A., face factories on all sides and a high incidence of asthma. Some feel polluters should be made to ‘clean up their messes’ with punishments rather than government funds.

Jacksonville To Start Construction On Intermodal Transit Hub: The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) is set to begin construction on a centralized transit hub combining BRT, intercity bus service and fixed guideway public transit modes.

The Great Texas Pension Fix: When Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner took office last year, he inherited a sweeping pension crisis. The road to pension crises is paved with good intentions. Officials in Houston and elsewhere tend to plan for funding pensions with sunny days in mind, but those days have not last. Houston is further along than most. A proposal that the city will put before the Texas legislature this year would restructure the city’s obligations. The new dispensation would include benchmarks for bringing all parties back to the table to renegotiate terms, as necessary, until the unfunded liability is funded. It would also set a time period for meeting that obligation: a 30-year amortization schedule, something resembling a traditional home mortgage.