Welcome to the Buzz! This is my first post and my theme is “Lonely Houses” by Scientist/Photographer Manuel Pita, these are some photos from his series dedicated to houses in Portugal. I like the Wes Anderson-vibe and I think it speaks to the idea that stories and places are linked. What kinds of stories could photos of houses in your place tell? 


Right Now w/ Carly Lorentz 

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Obama Commutes Bulk of Chelsea Manning’s Sentence: President Obama on Tuesday largely commuted the remaining prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, the army intelligence analyst convicted of an enormous 2010 leak.

The neuroscience of changing your mind: Research shows that when a strong-yet-erroneous belief is challenged, yes, you might experience some temporary weakening of your convictions, some softening of your certainty, but most people rebound and not only reassert their original belief at its original strength, but go beyond that and dig in their heels, deepening their resolve over the long run.

Air India adds ‘female-only’ row to its flights: Air India is adding a female-only row of seats on its domestic flights, though company officials insist the move is not in response to alleged groping incidents.



50 Nifty

  • X-Ray Your City’s Street Network, With a Bit of Code: A city’s street network is like its skeleton—a foundation for features like pipes, electrical lines, buildings, and public spaces. The angles at which pathways intersect, the shapes they wrap around, and how wide or narrow they are convey how the city has evolved, and whether it’s designed to bring people together or fling communities apart.
  • Knight Cities Challenge Announces Finalists: Transforming bike paths left unused in the coldest months into skating paths snaking through Grand Forks, North Dakota. Opening a “busker booth” where street musicians can record their work in Long Beach, California. Creating “front porch” style gathering spaces in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Columbia, South Carolina. These are among the 144 creative ideas for improving cities that the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation announced as finalists of the third annual Knight Cities Challenge
  • Sound Places: Chamber Musicians Take to the Streets:The Sound Places program, the first of its kind, combines music, placemaking, and civic engagement by integrating musicians-in-residence into community life in Louisiana.

This photographer captured “lonely houses” in Portugal, and they’re so stunning

#LocalGov Confidential

Iowa City Council to vote on immigration enforcement resolution: The resolution is in response to a larger discussion of sanctuary cities around the country after President-elect Donald Trump said he plans for mass deportations of undocumented immigrants.

Whitefish City Manager: No Weapons Allowed in Potential Neo-Nazi March: The city manager of Whitefish has notified the publisher of a neo-Nazi website of certain conditions required for a possible march through downtown, including the prohibition of any weapons.

Dalton City Council may close City Hall to after-hour groups:  Dalton Mayor Dennis Mock says council members want to get a better grasp on what it costs taxpayers when outside groups use City Hall after hours.

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