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Poll: Trump will take office as least popular president in at least four decades: President-elect Donald Trump also drew low marks for his response to Russian hacking. But a majority of Americans expect him to be successful in boosting the economy and dealing with threats of terrorism, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Drugs For Rare Diseases Have Become Uncommonly Rich Monopolies: Drugmakers have brought almost 450 orphan drugs to market and collected rich incentives by doing so. But nearly a third of the medicines aren’t new or were repurposed many times for financial gain.

Chinese president Xi Jinping warns, ‘No … winner in a trade war’: China’s president Xi Jinping speaks during the opening plenary session of the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, on Tuesday.



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#LocalGov Confidential

It’s not over for Democrats in Missouri, new party chair says: Former state Rep. Stephen Webber says reelecting Sen. Claire McCaskill and overhauling rural strategy will be key to making gains in 2018.

Illinois Republicans try to use Speaker Madigan’s re-election against Democratic incumbents: He’s starting a record 17th term as Speaker.

 Messenger: Mayor’s race in St. Louis should focus on poverty, division: What will voters care about when electing the city’s next mayor?