#ELGL17 Detroit: Call for Sessions and Speakers

#ELGL17 Detroit: Call for Sessions and Speakers

Update! Update! Update! (1/1/17)

Below is a running list of the submissions.

  • Examination of the state of race relations in the City of Detroit and suburbs 50 years after the 1967 riots. No look at what is going on andnhas gone om in Detroit is complete without understanding the role of race.
  • Getting Involved for Introverts: Overcoming the Overwhelming World of Networking. Putting yourself out there and connecting with others is crucial to building relationships and forming connections with other government leaders and agencies. However, not everyone overflows with natural charisma, energy, and the extroversion that makes this easy. Suggestions for overcoming fear and awkwardness that goes with networking, ideas for connecting with others in government, etc.
  • Recovering Management Momentum: Managing Your Workplace Through Grief and Other Life-Altering Events. Their world stops, but the work keeps coming – tips and techniques for handling employees who have experienced loss or personal tragedy, how it affects the office morale/mood/motivation, and what to expect as time passes
  • Strategies for Successful Management and Union Relationships – Many government organizations are in the rebuilding phase after having to make significant cutbacks a few years ago. As a result, many employees who survived the cuts may be defensive toward suggestions of change and any mentions of discipline, which had bred increased reliance on their unions and increased the management-union interactions. How does management work with unions rather than seeing them as the enemy? How does this relationship change if Human Resources is hands-off vs. hands-on in navigating the management-union divide? How can managers document and correct problem behavior without unions getting involved?
  • The New Manager’s Playbook – A breakdown of what new managers need to do in their first few months: how to balance outreach to internal and external stakeholders, how to figure out what needs changing and what can stay the same, what meetings you need to hold and what you do if promoted from within vs. coming from the outside.
  • Data Dive – A look at three cities–San Jose, Kansas City and Cincinnati–that have turned to data analytics in different ways to improve the way their governments work. In one week, Management Partners data analysts Heain Lee and Sam Lieberman visited all three to compare and contrast. While each is different, they’ve all found ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness by using data across their organizations, and there are common lessons across all three.
  • Beyond Bean Counting – Traditionally finance folks come in at the end of the planning process to determine whether a project can be paid for; increasingly they are getting involved in strategic thinking and project planning so that their concerns are considered throughout the process (and they can hopefully avoid a mess at the end). A look at how finance professionals can begin to get involved in strategy and planning and how it can benefit their local governments and their own careers.
  • Giving voice to “nervous feedback” when it comes to local policing using anonymous text messaging systems. Discussion points: how accessible technology, two-way communication, and data-driven discussions can bring communities and police closer together and change how cities and residents interact.
  • What Lies Beneath: Bringing Data Quality to Local Government
  • Its Time for Government To Embrace Tech Startups – There are a growing number of companies that are creating solutions aimed at the public sector and though some cities are opening their arms to these tech startups, some are still hesitant to work with new technologies that transform everything from city services, to infrastructure and solve city challenges.
  • Rashida Tlaib (former Michigan State Representative) — environmental justice, community advocacy
  • Urban Rural Interdependence: Discuss broad trend and policy and Chapel Hill/Orange County discuss joint municipal and county economic development incentive policy and how it benefits the foodie reputation that benefits agricultural areas of county and urban job growth.
  • Mental Health Wellness – learn how creating a psychologically safe work environment can improve engagement and productivity.
  • I Love Unbusy!
  • The H.E.A.R.T. of the Matter
  • ICMA with Lee Feldman
  • From Motor City to Bike City: The Evolution of Detroit Bicycle Culture – Speaker Todd Scott, Detroit Greenways Coalition
  • Makers Gotta Make! How Ponyride provides social capital to entrepreneurs to support sustainable Detroit communities – Speaker Phil Cooley, Ponyride Owner & Originator
  • Navigating Detroit Bureaucracy: How this start-up struggled and overcame obstacles to achieve success- Speaker & Social Entrepreneur Kyle Dubay Owner & Founder, Woodward Throwbacks
  • The View from Council: Legislating Detroit from a Chamberperson’s Perspective- Speaker Councilperson Raquel Castaneda-Lopez District 6
  • The Zoning Implications of Urban Gardens
  • Developing the Veterans Local Government Management Fellowship
  • VisGov: Illustrating Local Government’s Story
  • Detroit Soup/Community Collaboration/Microfunding
  • Flint Before Flint: George Hawkins, DC Water CEO, talks about addressing Washington DC’s lead problem
  • Once a Great City with David Maraniss
  • Flush with poop … emojis with Aly Van Dyke, City of Topeka, KS. Creative communication around infrastructure
  • Innovative isn’t just a buzzword with Sam Edelstein, City of Syracuse, NY
  • Battle for Ground Zero: Author Elizabeth Greenspan talks about the painstaking process of rebuilding.

We are in full planning mode for #ELGL17 Detroit and we want your input. We have secured a number of sessions and speakers but we’ve purposely left a few openings to allow for you to participate in the planning process.

Interested in proposing a session and speaker? Here’s how it works:

  • Complete the form below by December 24. Please include a brief description of your idea.
  • Session and speaker ideas submitted by ELGL members will receive priority in the selection process.
  • The #ELGL17 Content Committee will review and select proposals.
  • We’ll announce the final agenda in early 2017.

Full disclosure: this is not a popularity content. We will not have a vote, just to have a vote, and then not select the top votegetters. Instead, the Content Committee has full discretion to set the #ELGL17 agenda.


#ELGL17 Content Committee

  • Amanda Opalewski, City of Sterling Heights, Michigancvv6qppvmaa-7ds
  • Bridget (Doyle) Koz, City of Sterling Heights, Michigan
  • Daniel Bourdeau, City of Westland, Michigan
  • Bridget (Doyle) Koz, City of Sterling Heights, Michigan
  • Bob Bruner, Michigan Municipal Services Authority
  • Kent Wyatt, ELGL Co-Founder and City of Tigard, Oregon
  • Stacy Schweikhart, City of Kettering, Ohio
  • Stephen Kleinschmit, Assistant Professor of Public Administration at Western Michigan University

Interested in getting involved with #ELGL17? Email Bridget Koz at bridget@elgl.org.