Today’s Buzz celebrates the life of Van Williams, once the Green Hornet of 1960s television.  Gone too soon.

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What I’m watching: Inception.  It was on IFC

What I’m reading: The Chronicles of King Conan: Vengeance from the Desert

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North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory concedes closely contested governor’s race: The concession comes almost a month after North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper declared victory over the Republican governor in the closest race in the state’s modern history.

Tomi Lahren: Young, Vocal and the Right’s Rising Media Star: Ms. Lahren, who became a visible supporter of Donald J. Trump during the presidential campaign, has drawn the ire of critics who say her commentaries are often racist.

Man Fires Rifle Inside D.C. Pizzeria, Cites Fictitious Conspiracy Theories: An entirely baseless rumor about Comet Ping Pong has spread online. On Sunday, police say a man claiming he was there to “investigate” pointed a gun at an employee, who fled before the man fired.



50 Nifty

  • The Dangerous Myth That Hillary Clinton Ignored the Working Class: Perhaps the clearest takeaway from the November election for many liberals is that Hillary Clinton lost because she ignored the working class.
  • The Historic Victory at Standing Rock: Surely some of the protesters believed they would prevail, but among the experts—the law professors, financial analysts, and industry journalists who pride themselves on knowing the ins and outs of federal rules—almost no one expected it. The so-called experts were getting ready to shake their heads and sigh, to lament that once again a federal agency had failed to respond to a historic protest and had failed to protect the most vulnerable.

  • Westworld and the False Promise of Storytelling: In 2013, a widely cited study published in Science suggested that reading literature increases a person ability to understand other peoples’ emotions. In 2016, another study seemed to debunk it, finding the original study’s results irreplicable and its resulting media coverage way too broad. “Reading Literature Won’t Give You Superpowers,” went The Atlantic’s headline from last week about the reversal.

  • Madrid’s Christmas Present To Itself: A Car Ban: Madrid just gave its citizens a present for the holidays. The city closed the entire city center to most cars, turning the urban core into a de facto pedestrian zone.  Starting last Friday at 5 p.m. and continuing for nine days, vehicles belonging to non-residents are banned from entering a zone covering Madrid’s historic core as well as Gran Via, the blaring, multi-lane avenue that serves as the Spanish capital’s main drag and as a major through-route for crosstown traffic.

LocalGov Confidential

100 years after race riot, East St. Louis plans a strong look back: Shooting of police, possibly by accident, lit a very short fuse.

St. Louis city and county team up on economic development plan: It’s the first time the two governments have collaborated on a regional economic development strategy.

Gone over 30 years, the spirit of Times Beach lives on social media: The last mayor still questions decision that turned community into a ghost town.

Towns Get Allies Fighting Rail Expansion: As Lake Forest, Glenview, Northbrook and Deerfield officials collaborate in their effort to minimize the effects on their communities of a proposed expansion of the Amtrak Hiawatha service between Chicago and Milwaukee a pair of allies have joined in.

‘Green Hornet’ Star Van Williams Dies at 82:  Van Williams, star of the 1966 TV show “The Green Hornet,” died last Monday in Scottsdale, Ariz., of renal failure. He was 82.  “He had a wonderful, caring, and kind heart,” his wife of 57 years, Vicki Williams, told Variety. “He was a wonderful husband, he was a fabulous father, and a devoted grandfather.”