Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Dear ELGL members,

Here’s the summary from a busy week that included some awesome guest bloggers, two webinars, and a display of empathy and compassion from our members to the Gatlinburg, TN community leaders. (I also share with you below the absolutely horrible things I read and watched this past week. I promise to share a little more substance with you in next week’s update!)

Thank you,


What I’m Reading

Nora Roberts, “First Impressions”*

*I am so embarrassed to admit this to ELGL members. I picked up this book from a free little lending library when we were at the beach and then forced myself to finish it. It’s horrible.

What I’m Listening To

The Head and the Heart “Signs of Light”

What I’m Watching

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 6*

*Oh goodness, this is such a vapid week. Hopefully I at least get some points for honesty…

Oregon Local Government Fellowship

madison-webinarOn Thursday, we hosted a webinar about the Oregon Local Government Fellowship. I’m totally biased, but it’s the best post-graduate fellowship in the nation. I’m not just saying this because ELGL manages the recruitment; I truly believe that this unique fellowship arrangement where fellows work for multiple local governments over the course of one year offers unparalleled access to the realities of a local government career. Applications are due on December 15, 2016.

Special thanks to former fellows Roger Gonzalez and Emily Leuning, and current fellows Madison Thesing and Ashley Sonoff for participating in the webinar.

Technology Efficiency Series: CRM

break-me-off-a-piece-of-that-crm-1Also on Thursday, we hosted the last installment of the year of the Technology Efficiency Series, our recurring webinar program on how local governments can use technology to make their organizations more efficient.

This month we talked about CRMs (or Customer Relationship Management tools). Chris Maddox was our host, and similar to his webinar on Slack for the Technology Efficiency Series, he brought his own unique brand of humor to the webinar. Follow Chris on Twitter to learn more about his work.

Partnering With Other Professional Associations

I had a long conversation with Bert Lumbreras from the ICMA Board of Directors about how ICMA and ELGL can continue to work together. Over the last four years, ELGL and ICMA have forged a strong relationship where we share knowledge and information to our members. I’m excited to continue this relationship. Similarly, ELGL and GFOA have a tight relationship. We’re pleased to have these partnerships because it helps us share with ELGL members all of the professional affiliation opportunities that are out there.

One professional association that doesn’t seem to want to affiliate with ELGL? The National League of Cities. Once again, I spent time this week reaching to NLC to find out how ELGL can work with them, especially on issues related to getting more women and people of color into local government leadership. As in prior weeks – no response. I’m frustrated, because I think responsiveness is a cornerstone of public service and NLC’s lack of even a perfunctory reply is worrisome. Hopefully their members don’t get treated the same way…

Festivus for the Rest of Us & #ELGLMugs

We’re off and running with two fun networking events this month: Festivus for the Rest of Us is connecting ELGL members with our private sector members’ swag. Make sure you’re signed up so you can reap the benefits! #ELGLMugs is a member-to-member connection opportunity. I just mailed my mug tonight and I’m SO excited for my new ELGL friend to receive it.

Swag for Sale

I’ve been making trips to the post office lately – we’re selling our 2016 swag, including #ELGL16 memorabilia, #CityHallSelfie bags, and more. If you want a big assortment of swag, order your swag bag here.

December 23 GovLove Recording & Periscope Event

I’m super excited because Ben, Kent, and I will tape the final episode of GovLove for 2016 on December 23. We’re also going to Periscope it live, and it’s our chance to reflect on 2016, look ahead to 2017, and most likely, tell some terrible jokes and puns. It’s at noon PST, so please tune in on Periscope on the 23rd.

Guest Bloggers & New Member Profiles

Encouragement for Gatlinburg, TN

Our awesome members Julie Steenson and Shelby Teufel noted that the city manager and mayor in Gatlinburg, TN could use some words of encouragement and support after both losing their homes in the Tennessee forest fires. We quickly set up an information page to get ELGL members looped in on how to contact them. This level of responsiveness is something I’m very proud of ELGL members for doing. It shows empathy and compassion – two key components of effective public service.

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