Today’s Buzz features the nation’s top roommate cities, the science of gratitude, and the Hawk House. Happy Saturday – hope you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend!

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What I’m Listening To: Banging of the hammers from the contractors who are building a house across the street and apparently don’t even take Saturdays off.

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We’re Buzzin’

Trump’s education secretary pick supported anti-gay causes: Civil rights groups ‘deeply concerned’ about Betsy DeVos nomination.

The Science Of Gratitude And Why It’s Important In Your Workplace: Lack of gratitude is a major factor driving job dissatisfaction, turnover, absenteeism, and often, burnout.

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50 Nifty

The alt-right isn’t only about white supremacy. It’s about white male supremacy: At the Republican National Convention in July, Stephen Bannon praised his former website to a reporter, declaring: “We’re the platform for the alt-right.” But on Tuesday, President-elect Donald Trump told the New York Times that Bannon, his pick for chief White House strategist, isn’t part of that white supremacy movement.

Democrats Don’t Have an Easy Answer for the Rust Belt: Restoring prosperity to white, working-class voters isn’t going to happen by gutting past trade deals.

Black Friday May Start Looking A Little Greener With These Alternatives: There are a lot of things that make holidays hectic: travel, cooking, making small talk and avoiding questions from your relatives about who you’re dating and how school’s going. That’s typically part of what comes with holidays, but the chaos and disorder that accompany Black Friday, not even a true holiday, are something else.

‘Brady Bunch’ Mom Florence Henderson Has Died: Florence Henderson, who went from Broadway star to become one of America’s most beloved television moms in The Brady Bunch, has died, her manager and her publicist said. She was 82.

Donald Trump’s Revival of ‘Honest Graft’: The president-elect’s insistence that the public interest and his private interests are aligned recalls the creed of Tammany Hall.

Republicans Get Ready to Welcome Back Earmarks: GOP lawmakers want to wrest back the power of the purse, but the pull of pork is colliding with Donald Trump’s call to “drain the swamp.”

Local Gov Confidential

As housing costs soar, Seattle becomes nation’s top roommate city: As living solo becomes more expensive, finding a roommate is essential for many city residents. Seattle now ranks No. 1 in the percentage of people living with an unrelated adult.

Chicago’s hip-hop scene throws a benefit for Standing Rock protesters opposing the North Dakota Access Pipeline: On Sunday night the Morton County Sheriff’s Department escalated its conflict with Standing Rock Reservation protesters opposed to the North Dakota Access Pipeline by spraying crowds with water cannons in 26-degree weather.

More credit card skimmers reported on Ann Arbor gas station pumps: The last three skimmer devices found in the state of Michigan were located at three Ann Arbor Shell gas stations, including one business where a skimmer was located earlier this year.

OHSU’s deaf scientists lead charge in hearing research: When Peter Steyger learned to speak, he had to wear hearing aids. At 14 months, he was struck with meningitis. The powerful antibiotic that saved his life largely stripped him of hearing.

‘Hawk House’ goes dark: Seahawks-themed Christmas light show too much for quiet Kirkland neighborhood: Complaints about traffic and noise have prompted a Kirkland man to turn off the lights — 175,000 of them — at the “Hawk House,” which has attracted thousands of visitors.