Today is Election Day!!! To celebrate, here are some images from famous political TV shows and movies…


Right Now w/ Ben DeClue (Twitter / LinkedIn)

What I’m watching: WESTWORLD.  My god what a great show.

What I’m reading: An interview with Harlan Ellison talking about him writing his brilliant short story and teleplay, “Paladin of the Lost Hour”

What I’m listening to: Easy Street by Petra Haden (she has the BEST voice!)

What I’m doing: Stretching my back.  Threw it out vacuuming my apartment this weekend.

What I want to know from you: Can you identify every show or movie featured in today’s Buzz?


Clinton has the electoral votes to win in the final Fix forecast: With our last ratings of where states stand, Hillary Clinton has 275 electoral votes solidly hers or leaning in that direction. That’s five more than she needs to secure the White House. The big change is returning North Carolina from “lean Democratic” to the “toss-up” column.

Janet Reno, First Woman to Serve as U.S. Attorney General, Dies at 78: Ms. Reno’s eight years in the office placed her in the middle of some of the most divisive episodes of the Clinton presidency.

Mediator: Media’s Next Challenge: Overcoming the Threat of Fake News: Plunging print ad sales and an explosion of online outlets spreading inaccurate information threaten to diminish, and in some cases extinguish, the impact of traditional media companies.



50 Nifty  

  • Sweden Says Julian Assange To Face Questioning Next Week: More than four years after he took refuge in Ecuador’s embassy in London, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will face questioning there on Nov. 14 over allegations of sex crimes, including rape.

  • In Closing Ads, Trump Goes Dark While Clinton Goes Cozy: Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s final appeals to voters display a stark difference in how each candidate ran for president.

  • Make America Bake Again: A History Of Cake In The U.S.: From the waste-not ethos behind Angel Food Cake, to the science fads that sparked chocolate cake, American Cake tells a story of immigration and ingenuity.
  • We’re Probably Imagining Aliens Wrong: Humans have always had the impulse to cast alien life in our image, says British science writer Philip Ball. It’s a tendency that goes back centuries, and has only been propagated by modern science fiction. In this video by Adam D’Arpino for Aeon, Bell argues that this tendency could actually be limiting us in the search for aliens. “When we start speculating about what advanced extraterrestrials are like, we’re really just talking about ourselves,” he says. “Such failures of imagination can become a straightjacket for our thinking. How can we move beyond solipsism and Hollywood tropes?”

  • Human Landscapes of the American Southwest: Humans have lived in what we now call the American Southwest for centuries, making a wide impact on the land, much of it visible from aerial and satellite photography. Nuclear detonations, housing subdivisions, oil exploration, hydroelectric facilities, solar power facilities, roads, mines, farms, ranches, cities, and towns have altered much of the land over the years. Over the past week, I took a virtual tour with Google Earth, and wanted to share some of these snapshots of the human landscape in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.
  • Can Quantum Physics Explain Consciousness?: The mere mention of “quantum consciousness” makes most physicists cringe, as the phrase seems to evoke the vague, insipid musings of a New Age guru. But if a new hypothesis proves to be correct, quantum effects might indeed play some role in human cognition. Matthew Fisher, a physicist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, raised eyebrows late last year when he published a paper in Annals of Physics proposing that the nuclear spins of phosphorus atoms could serve as rudimentary “qubits” in the brain—which would essentially enable the brain to function like a quantum computer.

  • How James Comey Hurt the FBI—and the Democratic Process: The FBI threw the 2016 election into chaos for nothing.  On October 28, less than two weeks before the end of the 2016 presidential election, FBI Director James Comey defied Department of Justice guidelines against disclosing politically sensitive details of an investigation by writing a letter to Congress, informing it that the Bureau had potentially discovered new emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server.

LocalGov Confidential  

Obama backs Chris Koster for Missouri governor in new ad: Obama says Koster will “protect the Affordable Care Act” and expand Medicaid eligibility for low-income adults in Missouri.

Closing arguments clash in one of nation’s pivotal U.S. Senate races: Roy Blunt vs. Jason Kander

Jackson County job applicants no longer required to disclose criminal history: Convicted felons who have served their sentences no longer need disclose their criminal history when applying for jobs with Jackson County.

Lake Forest May Get “Train Parking Lot”: A nearly two-mile long railroad holding track running north from Route 60 in Lake Forest is under consideration by federal and state officials, according to an environmental assessment published last month.