Today’s Buzz features good news for the U.S. economy, more election coverage, and a continued celebration of the Cubs’ victory. My grandma was a big Cubs fan, so this one’s for Grandma Kate!

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U.S. Added 161,000 New Jobs In October; Wages Rise By 10 Cents: The U.S. added 161,000 new jobs in October, with workers seeing strong growth in wages, according to the monthly jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hourly earnings rose 10 cents over last month, a higher increase than anticipated. In total, wages — now averaging $25.92 an hour — are up 2.8 percent year over year.

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Fox News apologizes for falsely reporting that Clinton faces indictment: Fox News anchor Bret Baier apologized Friday for reporting that federal investigators had determined that Hillary Clinton’s private email server had been hacked and that an investigation would lead to an indictment of Clinton after the election.

U.S. Wages Rising At The Fastest Pace In Years Amid Solid Hiring: Go ahead — ask the boss for a raise. The jobs report released Friday by the Labor Department suggests the time finally may be right to demand a fatter paycheck.

Trump: Generals don’t want ‘her as their boss’: Donald Trump, despite making a concerted effort to stay on script, deviated from his prepared remarks Thursday during a rally here focused on military and veterans issues and asserted that top generals don’t want Hillary Clinton as their next commander in chief.

Democratic insiders: Clinton’s ground game will sink Trump: ‘Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure. HRC and the Dems have that cornered and are pounding the pavement to get out the vote,’ said a Colorado Democrat.

Samantha Bee, America’s New Comedian-In-Chief:  In the final week of the Presidential election, with Hillary Clinton’s position in the polls suddenly looking very tenuous, and in the wake of the letter by the F.B.I. director, James Comey, to Congress, and the subsequent leaks revealing that the renewed investigation is tied to the laptop of the former Congressman Anthony Weiner, a theme has emerged among commentators: that Clinton once again finds her political career held hostage by men.

Local Gov Confidential

Six months in, Kansas City downtown streetcar a winner with nearby businesses: The cool guy with the black shirt unbuttoned to the navel leans on the street bike, and the girl in the really tight jeans and windblown hair leans on him. The 34 Heritage ad is part of the window display at Michael’s Fine Clothes, where Kansas City businessmen and professionals have been buying suits and executive wear going back more than a hundred years to the old streetcar days. Welcome to the new streetcar days.

Cubs fan from Iowa holds on until final out before dying: Darel Sterner held on through the dramatic ending because he had waited for decades for the Chicago Cubs to win a World Series. On Wednesday night during Game 7, his family surrounded him, whispering the score in his ear. Three hours later, he died. They believe he is in heaven celebrating.

Allen Park, MI man accused of pulling gun over damaged Trump lawn signs: An Allen Park man, angered over damaged Donald Trump lawn signs, is facing seven felony charges after police say he pointed a handgun at six nearby children.

‘Hamilton’ cast celebrated the Cubs’ win in an awesome way: It’s a very lucky time to be in Chicago right now. Not only did the Chicago Cubs just win the World Series for the first time in 108 years, but a production of Hamilton just started running in the Windy City.

Oregon voter turnout reaches 41 percent with 5 days to go: Oregon voter turnout reached 41 percent by Friday morning, putting the state on track to see 80 percent of registered voters cast ballots in this fall’s general election.