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Donald Trump Says He Might Meet With Putin Before Inauguration: In a radio interview on Monday, Mr. Trump said that Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration have been too aggressive with the Russian president.

D.C. Metro’s Proposed Service Cuts Would Disproportionately Affect Communities of Color: Planning and urbanism writers in Washington, D.C. agree that a proposal to cut service to 20 stations in the Metrorail system would have harmful effects for minorities in the region.

Samsung’s Uneven Handling of Galaxy Note 7 Fires Angers Chinese: The company’s decision to exclude China from an initial recall has prompted a backlash that could further erode its position in the important market.

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  • When Novels Frustrate, and Enthrall: When the novelist Jonathan Lethem discovered Kafka’s The Castle, as a bookish high-school kid in the late ’70s, his initial response was obsession—followed by rage. At first, the novel’s sudden ending seemed like sacrilege. But Kafka’s narratives of thwarted progress became a major influence on Lethem’s own fiction,  as he explained in a conversation for this series.
  • The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue—Arizona, What Color Are You?: Melania Trump said her husband was “egged on” by Billy Bush in the leaked 2005 video clip in which the Republican nominee is heard making lewd comments about women. FBI and State Department officials denied there was a “quid pro quo” exchange, after an FBI official alleged that a State Department official repeatedly called for an email from Hillary Clinton’s private email server to be declassified. The Clinton campaign announced it will spend $2 million in advertising and deploy key surrogate, Michelle Obama, to campaign in Arizona, a state traditionally carried by Republicans. The White House announced that the high school graduation rate for the 2014 to 2015 school year in the United States was 83.2 percent, an all-time high. A military operation to recapture the city of Mosul, which was seized by ISIS more than two years ago, is underway.

  • Democracy Depends on the Consent of the Losers: Donald Trump likes to sort the world into winners and losers, which isn’t a bad way of thinking about democracy. Winners and losers of elections have essential responsibilities in functioning democracies. Winners do not exact revenge on their opponent by, say, abusing the powers of their office and jailing that opponent, as the Republican candidatethreatened to do at the second presidential debate. Losers do not refuse to accept the results of a vote judged free and fair by a country’s governing institutions.

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Iran-Boeing passenger plane deal plays a role in Missouri state treasurer’s race: Republican Eric Schmitt wants Boeing tax credits blocked if it builds planes for Iran. Democrat Judy Baker is opposed, saying that could spur Missouri job losses.

Stenger campaign tops $1.1 million more than two years before facing voters: Amount exceeds combined total of leading candidates in 2017 St. Louis mayoral primary.

Maplewood honored by EPA as nation’s Green Power Community of the Year: The community was given the award in a ceremony on Monday at the Renewable Energy Markets Conference in San Francisco.

Hike in city workers’ insurance costs prompts complaints in Manchester: ‘I’m embarrassed at what we are doing to our employees,’ one resident tells aldermen

Lake Forest to Tell Its Story: Lake Forest is getting ready to tell its story to the world.  The idea began in the spring when people from the real estate community met with Mayor Donald Schoenheider and City Manager Robert Kiely, Jr., for their quarterly meeting. Kiely said at the time their concerns were greater than usual. Schoenheider decided to act.  The mayor announced a marketing campaign in May and then created an ad hoc committee of the Lake Forest City Council to develop the plan to tout the city’s attributes. Since it was formed, the committee has been talking to people in the community to gather ideas.