Today’s Buzz features racism on a plane, running cities on food waste, and the typhoon remnants that are currently hitting the Pacific Northwest. I may or may not be pumpkin picking slash carving today, so please enjoy this taste of fall. Happy Saturday!

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The disturbing reason why we don’t believe young, black women are really doctors: When Tamika Cross heard a woman screaming for help for her husband, who fell ill on a Delta flight last weekend, she sprang to action. The young black doctor, on her way home from a wedding in Detroit, took off her headphones, put her tray table up and unbuckled her seat belt.

Chronicle of agony: Gun accidents kill at least 1 kid every other day: Hours earlier, he was a happy 4-year-old who loved Ironman and the Hulk and all the Avengers. Now, as Bryson Mees-Hernandez approached death in a Houston hospital room, his brain swelling through the bullet hole in his face, his mother assured the boy it was OK to die.

Three Men Charged With Plotting Attack On Somali Immigrants In Kansas: Three men have been arrested and charged with planning to use a weapon of mass destruction in an attack on a mosque and housing complex in a western Kansas town, where Somali immigrants live and worship, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

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The British Town That Will Run Almost Entirely on Food Waste: By spring 2017, the town of Keynsham could get up to 80 percent of its electricity from food waste alone. The future of green energy production might be in that bag of slimy kale in the back of your refrigerator. That’s the promise of a new power plant being built in a small U.K. town. The plant, now under construction in Keynsham, a town of 16,000 residents between Bath and Bristol, will use anaerobic digestion to generate electricity from food waste. The plan is to make enough of it to supply 80 percent of the town’s needs.

Oslo Is Creating The Model For How Cities Can Solve Climate Change: To cut its emissions drastically, the city has started to fundamentally rethink how a city should work.

DeVry University Agrees To Stop Ads Touting Grads’ Job Success Without Proof: The major for-profit university chain DeVry has agreed to stop making its often-repeated claim: that since 1975, 90 percent of its graduates seeking employment found jobs in their field within six months of graduation.

Obama Eases Special Limits On Cuban Products, From Drugs To Rum And Cigars: As of Monday, U.S. citizens who travel to Cuba will no longer be limited to bringing back goods worth up to $400 — including $100 worth of tobacco and alcohol. President Obama ordered the changes, which also clear the way for Cuban-origin pharmaceuticals to gain U.S. regulatory approval.

Trump’s Fans Have More to Lose Than Trump Himself: If the Republican nominee loses, the millions of Americans supporting him will feel more isolated and disillusioned than ever before.

Pence rejects ‘unsubstantiated allegations against my running mate’: Mike Pence is standing firmly with Donald Trump, blasting the media Thursday for airing explosive accusations of sexual misconduct by his running mate.

Local Gov Confidential

One of Washington’s reddest counties struggles with Trump — but he’ll win there anyway: Garry Rosman can’t remember the last time he voted for a Democrat for president. It’s been a while. Maybe never. He thinks they spend too much. That streak probably won’t end this year. But for the first time in decades, Rosman, a fourth-generation wheat farmer in rural Lincoln County, isn’t sold on the Republican candidate either. He’s not sure who he’ll vote for.

Seattle School Board votes to support treaty rights of Duwamish Nation: The resolution, which passed unanimously, also urges other public school boards to memorialize their support of treaty rights and benefits for the original people of their area.

Are school turnarounds possible? Oregon’s Russell Elementary blazes a path: In summer 2012, kindergarten teacher Heather Bailey was promoted to principal and put in charge of Northeast Portland’s Russell Elementary. Before the school year started, the newbie principal got a call: Her school ranked in the bottom 15 percent statewide and was placed on Oregon’s official list of low-performing schools.

Report: Atlanta No. 2 city where I-75 ranks among deadliest U.S. highways: “The 50 Most Dangerous Roads in America” looked at FARS(Fatality Analysis Reporting System) data from the National Traffic and Highway Safety Administration over the past five years (2011-2015).

Thousands lose power as W. Wash braces for stronger storm Saturday: Strong winds and heavy rain walloped parts of the Pacific Northwest, leaving thousands without power as utility crews prepare for what’s expected to be a rougher storm on Saturday. In Western Washington, the strongest winds were reported along the coast, on Camano Island and the north interior. But in many areas near Puget Sound, winds were lighter.