Today’s Buzz brings you the latest from Florida where Hurricane Mathews moves closer to the coast, Columbia President Juan Manuel Santos wins a Nobel Peace Prize, and a beaten Chicago Police Officer cites media scrutiny as a reason she did not defend herself.

Today’s Buzz wishes a Happy 64th Birthday to Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Some would say that “it’s inarguable that Vladimir Putin has been a stronger leader in his country than Barack Obama has been in this country” but they would probably deny this claim at a later date.


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50 Nifty

Trump’s Doing Worse Than Romney Did Among White Voters  Donald Trump’s strategy in this campaign has been fairly clear from the beginning: Drive up Republican support among white voters in order to compensate for the GOP’s shrinking share among the growing nonwhite portion of the electorate

Picture of the Day: Rare White Reindeer Spotted in Mala, Sweden  A rare white reindeer was recently spotted near Mala, Sweden. The photo was shared last month on reddit by user nlsoy, but not much additional information was provided and a reverse image search did not provide any further clues.

Joe Buck: Hair-plug addiction almost ended my broadcasting career  You may recall that five years ago, Fox Sports broadcaster Joe Buck missed part of the baseball season because of a virus that affected his vocal cords.

Clown robbery suspect fires shots in Livonia chase  An armed robbery suspect wearing masks tried to rob several hotels in Livonia and is still on the loose.

Is Snapchat Really Worth $25 Billion?  Snapchat—the app known for its disappearing messages, for capturing the hearts of young smartphone users, and for allowing users to visually morph themselves into dogs, unicorns, and cowboys—may be on the precipice of a pretty huge deal.

Grappling With The Birth of a Nation  Rarely have a film’s apparent fortunes fallen so far so quickly. At Sundance this year, The Birth of a Nation, a film documenting the 1831 slave uprising led by Nat Turner, won both the grand jury and audience awards, earned its writer-director-star Nate Parker a standing ovation before the movie even screened, and sold for a festival record of $17.5 million.

What Trump Tweets While America Sleeps  By his own admission, Donald Trump doesn’t sleep much. In his 2004 book, Think Like a Billionaire, he advised readers to not “sleep any more than you have to,” estimating that he hits the hay around 1 a.m. and wakes up at 5 a.m. to read the newspaper.

Why Was NJ Transit Going Too Fast in Hoboken?  The NJ Transit train that jumped the tracks, killing one person, injuring scores, and inflicting serious damage at a Hoboken terminal last week was going twice as fast as the speed limit, transportation officials said Thursday.

Can the Paris Gondola Succeed Where London’s Failed?  In 2021, Greater Paris may be leading Europe’s most unlikely transit revolution: It will put its first-ever urban gondola in service.

What Shopping Local Really Means for Cities  In the few short months that I’ve lived in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, two new bars have opened within a block of my apartment. The neighborhood, once notorious for violent crime, is in the midst of what The New York Times describes as a “renaissance.”

Billionaire Gubernatorial Candidate Owes $15 Million in Taxes and Fines  Two years after an NPR investigation showed mines owned by Jim Justice failed to pay safety penalties, a new analysis shows he is the nation’s top mine safety delinquent and owes millions.


Local Government Confidential

Budget battle not done yet, despite judge’s order Mayor Chris Beutler has scheduled a special City Council meeting for 1 p.m. Friday to vote on the city’s property tax rate. Lancaster County District Court Judge Robert Otte has ordered the council to approve the property tax rate that would fund Beutler’s budget — 33.366 cents per $100 in valuation.

Why Is A Local Government Stopping This Church From Saving Addicts’ Lives?  The building was safe enough for children, but not safe enough for adults. At least, that’s what the local code enforcement officer said.

Oakland’s City Council is a mess, but then, what’s new?  This is Oakland, so it isn’t surprising that a demonstration staged on the floor of the City Council’s chambers has disrupted city business.