Today’s Buzz features free museums, disappearing national parks, an update from Charlotte, and Stephen Colbert selling hot dogs. In other news, I broke my cell phone for the first time ever. In less than a year. I’ve never so much as scratched a phone screen before, and now in the span of a summer I’ve managed to shatter the screen and drop it so that it is completely, unfixably unresponsive. So please enjoy these broken phone jokes while I figure out what phone I’m going to waste some money on.

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3rd Night Of Charlotte Protests Is Peaceful; Protester Shot Wednesday Dies: Protests in Charlotte, N.C., continued for a third night — without the violence of earlier demonstrations. Police officers and National Guard troops shared the streets with marchers protesting a fatal police shooting earlier this week.

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Trump-Care Would Leave Millions Uninsured While Somehow Costing More: A new think-tank analysis shows how the candidates’ health-care proposals would affect coverage and affordability.

Black Evangelical Amisho Baraka: Why I’m Not Voting For Trump Or Clinton: Hip-hop artist Amisho Baraka, who performs as Sho Baraka, is one African-American man who feels left out by both major political parties — and he says this will affect his vote come November.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 catches fire on a plane in India: Passengers on the IndiGo flight reportedly noticed smell in the cabin and alerted the cabin crew on board. The crew identified smoke coming from an over-head bin and quickly relocated the passengers to other seats.

Where Did National Forests Go? Green Spaces Disappear From Google Maps: If you looked at Google Maps this week, you might have noticed something strange: less green. Typically, mint green highlights designate publicly owned wild spaces on Google’s maps. But as of this writing, some of those public lands have gone gray. The locations are still searchable, but if you don’t already know the park or forest exists, and where exactly, you might not be able to find it.

Why Free Museums Matter: Gratis admission is just one way museums are trying to shed their forbidding veneer.

Video By Wife Of Keith Scott Shows Her Pleas To Police: A cellphone video made by the wife of Keith Lamont Scott as he was fatally shot by the police here shows the moments before and after the episode, including the wife’s pleas to her husband to get out of his truck, and her pleas to the officers not to shoot him.

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UGA scores $4 million grant from National Science Foundation to support minorities in STEM disciplines: The National Science Foundation awarded the school $4 million to at the University of Georgia to renew the Peach State Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation for the second time.

Stephen Colbert Goes Undercover As A Hot-Dog Vendor At Cubs Game: As if you needed another reason to love Stephen Colbert, he spends the first minute or so of this Late Show segment expounding on his unequivocal support of the Chicago Cubs before going undercover as a hot dog vendor at Wrigley Field.

Want to be a farmer? Oregon Incubator program to accept new growers: There are a lot of obstacles to starting a farm — land is expensive, equipment is expensive, business wasn’t your major in college. Now is your chance to knock down some of those barriers.

Portland’s new speed cameras start issuing tickets Saturday: Portland’s new speed cameras won’t start issuing tickets until Saturday, but the city says they’ve already cut speeding by 93 percent. The unmanned cameras, placed on Southwest Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, were activated on Aug. 25, but they only issued warnings during a 30-day test period.

U. of Mississippi Students Stage Sit-In Over Racist Social-Media Post: About 60 University of Mississippi students are staging a sit-in at the campus’s administrative building to criticize the university’s response to a social-media post advocating the lynching of protesters in Charlotte, N.C., The Clarion-Ledger reported on Friday.