Today’s Buzz features the world’s longest recreational trail, a cow with no name, and the newest Smithsonian Museum. In honor of the Google Maps blurred out cow, today’s Buzz features other funny pictures from the Google Maps spy cam.

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Step Into the Newest Smithsonian: The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture opens on Sept. 24 in Washington after a long journey. Thirteen years since Congress and President George W. Bush authorized its construction, the 400,000-square-foot building stands on a five-acre site on the National Mall, close to the Washington Monument.

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A Cow With No Name: Google Blurs Bovine Face For Privacy: Issues of digital privacy are rarely this amoosing. In August 2015, Google Street View captured images along the banks of the River Cam, in Cambridge, England. As the cameras snapped their way through a meadow called Coe Fen, a cow crossed the road.

Without Apology, Trump Now Says: ‘Obama Was Born In’ The U.S.: After years of peddling a false conspiracy theory that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States, Donald Trump — just 53 days before Election Day — now says he believes the president was born in the U.S.

Where to Find the World’s Longest Recreational Trail: It’s in Canada, where the 14,864-mile path will be fully completed in 2017.

Johnson and Stein fail to make cut for first presidential debate: Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein failed to make the cut for the first presidential debate on Sept. 26, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced on Friday afternoon, in a significant blow for their campaigns.

Why So Many Poor Americans Don’t Get Help Paying For Housing: “In 2013, everything crumbled all at once,” Makera Meng said. She and her husband ran a business — an international grocery store — in South Portland, Maine, where they also owned a home. But that year, her mom died of cancer, they lost the business and her husband moved to Cambodia, where she had emigrated from three decades earlier. After 10 years of owning it, she lost her home, too. “I’m a good citizen, I work hard and I pay taxes,” she said. But she hasn’t been able to catch a break.

Local Gov Confidential

Tribes march in Seattle to back Standing Rock Sioux in North Dakota pipeline fight: With song, prayer and thundering drums, hundreds of tribal members from around the region and their supporters marched Friday to demonstrate their support for the battle of the Standing Rock Sioux against an oil pipeline under construction through ancestral tribal lands.

The Adorable Instagrams of PARK(ing) Day: Celebrate the annual event that launched a thousand city parklets.

Officials expand Miami Beach Zika transmission zone: Florida health officials are expanding the local transmission area in Miami Beach, Gov. Rick Scott announced Friday evening. The zone, which had been limited primarily to South Beach, has expanded north, bringing the total affected area to around 4.5 square miles, a news release from the governor’s office said.

Poll: Most Oregonians view legal pot favorably 2 years after vote: Sixty-one percent of voters think the legalization of recreational marijuana has had a positive impact on the state, while fewer than one-third see it negatively, according to polling by DHM Research, a nonpartisan opinion research firm with an office in Portland.

Ammon Bundy’s lawyers file motion for a mistrial, claiming ‘prejudicial’ testimony by Harney County sheriff: Bundy’s lawyer Marcus Mumford had asked Ward during his cross-examination Wednesday if he had conducted his own investigation into the 2014 armed standoff that occurred near Bunkerville, Nevada with federal officers attempting to corral Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s ranch cattle. Cliven Bundy is Ammon Bundy’s father.