In today’s Morning Buzz we take a look at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Donald Trump struggles to admit President Obama was born in the United States, the East Coast prepares for higher gas prices, and a Norwegian heavy metal legend is unwittingly elected to his local town council.

The Morning Buzz is brought to you by Oktoberfest.  Today’s Morning Buzz honors those cities, schools, Rotarian Clubs and more who will spend the month of September celebrating Oktoberfest with an assortment of roasted meats, pretzels and beer.   

Shameless Local Gov Plugs: Elk Grove Village (my place of employment) celebrates Oktoberfest next weekend and this weekend I will enjoy an Oktoberfest festival right outside my front door in downtown Palatine.


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A Museum of Black America, for All Americans The National Museum of African American History and Culture is a powerful declaration: The black story is as central to the country’s narrative as any other.





50 Nifty

Colin Kaepernick and a Landmark Supreme Court Case  The decision by Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, first to sit and then to kneel, rather than stand, during the national anthem before his team’s games has set off a national debate.

How Trump Could Win The White House While Losing The Popular Vote OK, before I say anything, a quick disclaimer: This piece is not a prediction. In fact, I’m a religious (maybe fanatical) adherent of FiveThirtyEight’s 2016 election forecast model, which I find to be both methodologically rigorous and intellectually honest. I don’t dispute its assessment that Hillary Clinton has a 63 or 64 percent chance of winning the election.

Rezoning Seattle: ‘Uprising’ against density may be underway  Rezoning every neighborhood in Seattle — based on Monday’s University District announcement — is going to be a battle every step of the way.

Oregon standoff: Ammon Bundy chooses to wear jail scrubs in trial  “Mr. Bundy desires to appear as he is, a political prisoner not free to dress as if presumed innocent,” attorney J. Morgan Philpot said, reading his client’s statement.

Big data meets economic development: New tool for site selection going live in SA soon Businesses considering moving into any market typically rely on data to make decisions. Sometimes the site selection process includes a trip to see the local landscape, scope out available buildings and confirm access to existing infrastructure so the company doesn’t need to invest more capital than necessary to get up and running. For the first time, local leaders have combined that data into an online tool, called SA Connect, that enables businesses to browse potential properties layered with…

These Vintage-Style Travel Posters Show The Extinct Species Tourists Are Missing  Expedia UK creates a nostalgic commemoration for species that no longer exist in travel destinations like Costa Rica and Alaska.

Social-media tips help Tempe police make hit-and-run arrest  Tempe police say social-media tips helped lead them to a suspect and make an arrest in an Aug. 23 hit-and-run crash.

Retired Ringling Bros. circus elephants get a new gig: Fighting cancer  The circus elephants have moved on. You won’t see them anymore at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey shows, like the one in residence at Kansas City’s Sprint Center through …

Exclusive: Obama administration to launch new effort on heroin crisis  “There is no one magic bullet for this.” Attorney General Loretta Lynch told USA TODAY.

The DEA wants to ban another plant. Researchers say the plan is ‘insane.’  The Drug Enforcement Administration has received a torrent of backlash from patients with chronic pain and former opiate users after announcing plans to ban kratom, a plant gaining popularity across the United States for its opiate-like effects.

Alt History  First published nearly 40 years ago, the infamous dystopian novel depicts a fictional white nationalist revolution culminating in global genocide.

A Back-to-School Reading List of Books About Cities  2016 is more than halfway done, but the year has already produced a bumper crop of books related to cities

What to Do About Baltimore’s Confederate Monuments  Maryland had three times as many Union soldiers in the Civil War than it had Confederate soldiers, and half of those Union military units were formed in Baltimore.

Top U.S. Special Operations general: ‘We’re hurting ourselves’ with all these movies and books  Army Gen. Raymond Thomas’s remarks come on the heels of a $6.6 million settlement between the U.S. and Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette, who wrote “No Easy Day” on the Osama bin Laden raid.

Kaine: Some Trump Voters Are ‘Motivated By Dark Emotions’  The Democratic vice presidential nominee said many Trump backers have “transitional anxiety” over societal and economic changes, but over time “you realize…these demographic changes aren’t bad.”

 Studies Link Cancer Patients’ Survival Time To Insurance Status Research on patients with testicular cancer and on others fighting a brain malignancy finds that people who are privately insured are more likely to be diagnosed earlier and survive longer.


Local Government Confidential

Bastrop begins search for fourth city manager in three months 

Reno approves $228,000 separation agreement for city manager  Reno officials have approved a nearly $228,000 severance package for the city manager, who is at the center of a sexual harassment investigation.

Black metal artist unwittingly elected to Norwegian town council  A Norwegian heavy metal “legend” has been forced to serve his local council for the next two years after a joke campaign saw him actually elected into office: “My campaign was a picture of me holding my cat saying, ‘please don’t vote for me.,’” he said.