Today’s Buzz features a cease fire in Syria, Mike Pence’s tax returns, and the largest prison strike in America’s history. Today’s Buzz is brought to you by this fabulous girl at a recent Mariners game who loves her cotton candy.

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The Largest Prison Strike in American History Is Happening Right Now: On the 45th anniversary of the Attica Prison uprising, inmates in 40 sites across 24 states are refusing to work.

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U.S. Suspends Construction on Part of North Dakota Pipeline: The federal government on Friday temporarily blocked construction on part of a North Dakota oil pipeline, an unusual intervention in a prairie battle that has drawn thousands of Native Americans and activists to camp and demonstrate.

How The Oil And Gas Industry Awakened Oklahoma’s Sleeping Fault Lines: It was either February or March of 1952 when an Oklahoma City petroleum geologist named William Atkinson took the unusual step of getting an earthquake insurance policy for his house. Today, that seems a bit eerie in its prescience — in 2014, the state had more big earthquakes than California, and on Saturday it was rattled by its largest earthquake in the modern record, a magnitude 5.8.

Mike Pence Releases His Tax Returns; Donald Trump Still Won’t: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, the Republican candidate for vice president, did something his running mate, Donald Trump, declines to do. He released his tax returns dating back 10 years.

Syria Cease-Fire Plan Reached, U.S. And Russia Announce: At a news conference in Geneva late Friday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced the beginnings of a peace plan for Syria, reports NPR’s Alice Fordham. Kerry was joined in the cease-fire announcement by Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister.

Inside 9/11 The Day That Never Ends: “What started as a normal, beautiful, blue sky kind of a day spiraled into a day of death and chaos that would almost feel like it would never end.”

Local Gov Confidential

Arizona’s governor asked voters to fact-check whether pot is safer than alcohol. So we did: Arizona is one of five states with marijuana legalization on the ballot this fall, and the state’s Republican governor, Doug Ducey, is not happy about it.

Portland elementary school bans homework: The lucky students at one Portland elementary school got the good news when they started school this week: There will be no homework whatsoever.

U.S. Supreme Court green lights straight-party voting in Michigan: The straight-party voting option will still be available in Michigan in the Nov. 8 general election after the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday rejected a last-ditch appeal on the issue from Attorney General Bill Schuette.

DuPont mayor cancels Seahawks rally over possible player demonstration at CenturyLink: The announced cancellation of a city-sponsored Seahawks rally on Saturday could get uncanceled, says DuPont Mayor Mike Courts. He says he is waiting for is “some sort of confirmation” from the Seahawks that its players’ intent Sunday is to “show respect and honor” for the U. S. flag at its opening home game.

Cyclists to Drivers: This Is My Lane! An Ohio city will replace those ineffective “Share the Road” signs with a less ambiguous alternative.