If you’re like me, the day after a long weekend back at work is the worst.  So today I’m going to remember a few fun old games that you might have forgotten about in the “Sim” family- Sim Copter, Sim Tower, and Streets of Sim City.  Enjoy.

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What I’m Reading: The Railway Journey: The Industrialization of Time and Space in the 19th Century

What I’m Watching: Bachelor in Paradise – we’re almost at the end of our time in paradise folks!

What I’m Listening To: God only Knows as covered by Petra Haden

What I’m Doing: Running on fumes after getting 0 sleep after the holiday weekend


50-state poll shows why Clinton holds the advantage over Trump: With nine weeks until Election Day, Donald Trump is within striking distance in the Upper Midwest, but Hillary Clinton’s strength in many battlegrounds and some traditional Republican strongholds gives her a big electoral college advantage, according to a 50-state Washington Post-SurveyMonkey poll.

Nigel Farage: Donald Trump calls himself ‘Mr. Brexit.’ Here’s why he’s right.

The Internet May Be as Segregated as a City: In a city or town, a quick look around will tell you the racial makeup of the community you’re in. But on a webpage, there’s no easy way of telling who else is visiting. Some sites make it clear that they’re geared toward members of a certain race: The Root, for example, describes itself as a destination for “black news, opinions, politics, and culture.” Elsewhere, visitors have to guess a site’s target audience based on its content—or they may conclude that race doesn’t matter on most of the internet.



50 Nifty

The Market Rate of a Shorter Commute: Analysis by FiveThirtyEight offers a lesson in trade-offs. In this case: how much more New Yorkers are willing to pay for less time spent commuting.

Report puts Detroit kids’ chronic absenteeism at nearly 58%: A new report says half of the country’s chronically absent kids are in just in 4% of school districts.

Clinton speaks briefly with press on her new plane: Hillary Clinton’s long national standoff with the press is over.  On the maiden voyage of the general election plane Clinton will share with her press corps for the next two months — a Boeing 737 emblazoned with the campaign’s “H” logo on its wing tips and tail in a scion blue evocative of Air Force One — Clinton greeted the group of close to 40 journalists traveling with her.

Schrodinger’s Supreme Court: The day after the election, the justices will take the bench in what will be, either way, a very different America. Perhaps fittingly, they will hear a case about a statute that withholds citizenship from some foreign-born children of citizens, not on the basis of religion or “ideology” but on whether their mothers are married at the time of their birth. Harsh discrimination in immigration law may be a foretaste of things to come. Or it may not. Or to put it differently, who the hell knows?

Against transparency: Government officials’ email should be private, just like their phone calls. “Can I give you a call?” It’s the worst possible reply to an email, but one I receive all too often in the course of reporting. Phone calls are journalistically indispensable when you want to conduct an extended interview, but for a routine query or point of clarification, email is much, much better.

‘World’s strongest coffee’ is here and its caffeine levels are scarily high: A cafe is serving up the coffee to rival all others and it looks almost fatal.  The suitably-named Ass Kicker is being served at Viscous Cafe in Adelaide, Australia and it contains the caffeine equivalent of 80 standard cups-o-joe.

Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly dies: She was political force who fought against the feminist causes

LocalGov Confidential

Responding to college-cost audit, Nixon touts affordability: Nixon says it is “indisputable” that state spending on higher education is at record levels

Missouri is one of 10 states that still haven’t elected a minority statewide: Nearly two centuries after Missouri gained statehood as part of a compromise over slave ownership, no black candidate has ever won a statewide election there — a barrier Robin Smith is trying to overcome but seldom discusses publicly.

Along for the Ride: Reaction to a new name for Lambert airport: 101-year-old man remembers his days at TWA, which he says included meeting Cary Grant and Howard Hughes

Is St. Louis Public Schools getting closer to elected control?: Vacancy on the district’s appointed board comes as a transition back to elected control is beginning to be discussed.

Lake Bluff to Celebrate Patriotism: Nearly every Lake Bluff home had an American flag flying 15 years ago after the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C., and the village wants to rekindle the patriotic feeling. The village plans to celebrate American pride with Patriotic Spirit Day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on September 10 on the Village Green the day before the community and the nation commemorate the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. “Lake Bluff wants to pull out its red, white and blue,” said Joanna Rolek, the executive director of the Lake Forest Lake Bluff Chamber of Commerce and an organizer of the event. “After 9/11 everyone was flying a flag here. You saw one outside every home.” The event is sponsored by the chamber, the village and the Lake Bluff Park District.