Today’s Buzz features a forgotten 1990s cartoon, Samurai Pizza Cats!  Yes these heroic felines run a pizza parlor by day and fight evil by night.

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What I’m Watching: American Experience: The Rise and Fall of Penn Station (if you want to get depressed in a hurry, watch this)

What I’m Doing: Counting the days until the Labor Day holiday weekend

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Armed, Confederate flag-waving White Lives Matter protesters rally outside Houston NAACP

Suicide Bombing At Turkish Wedding Carried Out By Child, Pinned On ISIS: No group has claimed responsibility for the attack that killed at least 54 people, but Turkish officials say the device used suggests the Islamic State. The bomber was reportedly between 12 and 14.

20 Years Since Welfare’s Overhaul, Results Are Mixed: The new program did work for millions of families, but many others are worse off. And assistance is very different depending on where you live.


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Best Friends Build Shared Memory Networks: I’ve known my two best friends since 9th grade. In that time, a lot has happened, and I’ve forgotten a lot of it. It’s not unusual now for one of them to say “Remember in high school, when this happened?” and for me to reply “Well now I do.” They’re always reminding me of things I’ve forgotten. They’re an extra hard drive for my limited memory capacity.

This is what it’s like to cross the scariest bridge in Michigan: Welcome to the Croswell, Michigan, home to the Croswell Swinging Bridge. This is known as Michigan’s scariest bridge. Here are pictures showing you the facts and the history of the bridge. We also have video of what it’s like to cross it.

A look back at 1994, when dumping on Hillary was a new sport: Sorting through some old papers of mine, I came across a column I’d written for the Readerin March of 1994—close to a quarter century ago. I like to revisit old columns; they remind me of matters that seemed important at the time though I’ve long since forgotten them.…

The Obsession With Biblical Literalism: Of all the biblical episodes, Voltaire thought none required more faith than the story of Noah’s Ark: “The history of the deluge being that of the most miraculous event of which the world ever heard, it must be the height of folly and madness to attempt an explanation of it.” If only he had visited Ark Encounter—a Christian theme park that opened this summer in Kentucky and boasts a “life-sized” reconstruction of Noah’s Ark. Seemingly impossible details have been fanatically researched and naturalistically explained by Answers in Genesis (AiG), a literalist Christian organization that’s also responsible for the nearby Creation Museum. With roughly 40 percent of Americans believing in creationism, the park shouldn’t be dismissed as mere Christian kitsch. Rather, it represents a recent and powerful trend in evangelical thought, a kind of fundamentalist realism. To visit the park is to see how conservative Christianity of the 21st century finds strength not simply in miracles, scripture and sermon, but in timber, mannequins, blueprints, and feasibility studies.

Local Gov Confidential

Chicago’s Billboards Will Be Overtaken By Modern Art Later This Month: Your commute is about to get a bit more arty.

Midway Airport Now Has A Bathroom For Your Pets To Use: Though all animals can use it, it is especially designed for passengers with disabilities who have service animals.

For @#$% sake, choose another word: Consider the F-word. Yup, that F-word. The granddaddy of all curse words. The exhaustingly exploited F-bomb. Yes, I’ve used it. You’ve probably used it, too.

Suit claims Franklin County drug court participants forced to work as informers: Treatment center owners claim sheriff’s Lt. Jason Grellner put politics and making arrests ahead of rehabilitation.

Brentwood: A letter from retail land as it stares down history: Some Brentwood residents think the community is losing its sense of place.

Messenger: National groups eye Missouri as ripe for anti-corruption effort: National groups eye Missouri as ripe for anti-corruption effort.

Mizzou’s freshman class is smaller but hopes are high, following a tumultuous year: New students and their parents discuss the ‘elephant in the room’ as they move onto campus.