Today’s Buzz features an Olympic update (with memes!), Pence’s plan to release his tax despite Trump’s continued refusal, and the hit Houston’s housing market has taken.

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For millennial voters, Clinton vs. Trump choice ‘feels like a joke’ Eight years after Obama captivated them, young voters find their political options so dispiriting that it is pushing many beyond disillusionment and toward apathy.

Judge overturns Dassey conviction in Halbach murder: In a 91-page ruling, U.S. Magistrate Judge William Duffin was highly critical of investigators, Brendan Dassey’s attorney and the state courts, concluding that Dassey’s constitutional rights were violated.


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Monica Puig Makes Olympic History, Winning Puerto Rico’s First Gold Medal: Puerto Rico has been sending athletes to the Olympics since 1948; before today, it had amassed eight Olympic medals. Tennis star Monica Puig changed that on Saturday.

Trump spokeswoman: Afghanistan was ‘Obama’s war’: Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson on Saturday morning said the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan was “Obama’s war.”

Olympic Revelry Distracts Brazil (Momentarily) From Its Woes: National sentiment has shifted in favor of the Games, which have impressed even some critics amid a Zika epidemic, a recession, and political turmoil.

Mike Pence May Break With Donald Trump, Again, Over Tax Returns: Mr. Pence hinted on Saturday that his returns may become public, even as his running mate refused to release his own returns.


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City manager hits police union with unfair labor practices charge: In a sign of escalating tensions between Cincinnati’s administration and the Fraternal Order of Police, City Manager Harry Black filed an unfair labor practices complaint against the union with the State Employee Relations Board on Friday, sources have told the Business Courier.

Paid leave drags on for top officials involved in Portland schools lead crisis: Portland Public Schools is still paying two top facilities administrators placed on leave amid a lead scandal that ousted the district’s longtime superintendent.

DPS reviews high fees for public records: The Department of Public Safety is reconsidering its fees for public records after The Republic contested an $800 bill.

Houston Real Estate Slumping Along with the Oil Industry: The Houston Chronicle investigates the Houston-Area real estate market, finding signs of the oil slump’s effect on a formerly hot market.

Three Urban Transportation Experts Discuss Post ‘Peak Car’ Urban Planning:Emily Badger, Washington Post Journalist; Peter Newman, sustainability author and professor in Perth; and Robert Puentes of Eno Center discuss the changes in transportation planning now that car trips are on the wane in urban centers.