GOVQ: Where can I ask questions about digital government?

Note: GOVQ is a digital government advice column curated by ProudCity CEO Luke Fretwell. Tweet your questions with the hashtag #GOVQ or email, and we’ll answer them here.


Digital is increasingly becoming a fundamental aspect of government services.

HelpResidents, businesses and visitors want immediate access to information they need and easy ways to report issues, make payments, find jobs, submit permit applications and all the many ways we engage with government.

In 2015, Accenture found that 86 percent of those surveyed “want to maintain or increase their digital interaction with government” and 73 percent are “neutral” or “not satisfied” with current digital government services.

GOVQ aims to eliminate this disparity.

To help with this, each week I’ll research, get expert opinions, find the best resources and synopsize one question from the ELGL community so that we can all begin to learn best how to execute better digital government on a larger scale.

So, let’s get started.

ShowtimeBeetlejuiceHave questions about digital government? Tweet them with the hashtag #GOVQ or email, and we’ll answer them here.

Go ahead, ask me.

Luke Fretwell is co-founder and CEO of ProudCity, and the founder of GovFresh. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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  • Hi and thanks for doing this. Wanted to let you know that the Urban Sustainability Directors Network created a resource for this exact topic a few years back – it’s available online – look for it on the sustainability page of the Albany municipal govt website as well as on the USDN website. You can also access a lot of skills and experience on this topic through the Community Engagement discussion group on LinkedIn. Both the NCDD and IAP2 networks would be rich sources of info. Watch out for bias amongst software suppliers…look for the “straight goods” from practitioners and clients who are not overly invested in a given platform or solution.

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