It’s not often that we can really relate to what Olympic athletes are going through. Michael Phelps, however has taken the internet by storm with his very relatable game face. Here are just a few time where we might have felt like Phelps.

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What I’m Doing – Keeping up with the Olympics as much as possible.

What I’m Listening To – Lorde

What I Want to Know From You – What’s your Phelps face moment?

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A Vintage-Style Coloring Book for America’s National Parks – There’s something about being in the presence of sublime natural splendor that evaporates stress and leaves joy in its place. The 59 Illustrated National Parks Coloring Book won’t necessarily create that feeling, but it could very well inspire you to seek it out with bright, bold graphics of America’s most iconic vistas.

New App Rents Driveway Parking Spaces for $1 an Hour A pair of entrepreneurs has launched an app that allows property owners to rent driveway spaces to people looking for parking. Also, the app helps people find the parking they are looking for.

The Junk Playground of New York City-Where children tinker with saws and hammers while parents stand on the sidelines


5 Days Until International #CityHallSelfie Day

POLCO Offers ELGL Members Golden Tickets

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I Love BBQ: Pam Antil, City of Santa Barbara, CA

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Citizens, officials divided on funneling tax dollars towards sports stadiums

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A Denver Suburb Bets Big on Free Lyft Rides to Light Rail

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