Today’s Morning Buzz brings you the latest from San Diego where two Police Officers were shot overnight, Hillary Clinton delivers her acceptance speech, and the FBI investigates another possible breach by Russian hackers on a Democratic organization.

The Morning Buzz is brought to you by the Democratic and Republican Conventions held over the past two weeks. No matter your alliance, I think we are all happy the conventions are over and we can now move forward.


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Police officer dead, another injured in Southcrest shooting  Two San Diego police officers were shot, one of them fatally, during a traffic stop late Thursday night in the Southcrest neighborhood, police said.

 Hillary Clinton Warns of ‘Moment of Reckoning’ in Speech Accepting Nomination Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, who sacrificed personal ambition for her husband’s political career and then rose to be a globally influential figure, became the first woman to accept a major party’s presidential nomination on Thursday night, a prize that generations of American women have dreamed about for one of their own.

FBI probes suspected breach of another Democratic organization by Russian hackers Russian government hackers have breached the computers of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, according to individuals familiar with the matter. The intrusion appeared to be carried out by the same Russian intelligence service that hacked the Democratic National Committee earlier this year, the individuals said. The FBI is investigating this breach as part of a broader probe into hacking of political organizations.









50 Nifty

Is a Police Shooting a Crime? It Depends on the Officer’s Point of View The black teenager had just reached into his waistband for what the New York City police officer assumed was a gun. As the officer, Richard Haste, later told a Bronx grand jury, he thought he was about to die. In that instant, Officer Haste pictured Thanksgiving, with everyone gathered around, except him. He imagined his girlfriend walking their dog, without him, according to an account of the officer’s testimony provided by his lawyer, Stuart London.

San Antonio Company Wants to Build Hyperloop That Whisks People to Austin in 15 Minutes  It may sound crazy, but Transonic Transportation, a San Antonio-based company, wants to do just that by using a Hyperloop, a system that uses a magnetic pneumatic tube system with pressurized pods that ride on an air cushion. The Hyperloop is the …

Woman fired from McDonald’s in Texas after refusing to serve off-duty officer, family  A McDonald’s employee in Brenham has been fired after she refused to serve an off-duty police officer ordering food for himself and his family.

Cops mistook Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze for meth, Orlando man says  Daniel Rushing treats himself to a Krispy Kreme doughnut every other Wednesday. He used to eat them in his car.

New Atlanta group wants ‘urbanism on the table’ for 2017 city elections  A new group just formed in Atlanta wants “urbanism on the table” for the 2017 elections for mayor and city council. Known as threadATL, its founders say they hope to keep voters and leaders up to date with best practices in good urbanism; making sure they understand the importance of demanding that all new developments fall in line with those best practices.

Where The Election Goes From Here  In contrast to Republicans, whose convention had a random-seeming parade of speakers each night, Democrats mostly hit their marks and stuck to the traditional convention script. Each day of the Democratic convention had an overarching strategic goal. Monday was about uniting the party.

Trump Is Driving Catholic Voters Toward Clinton  Donald Trump has held onto the support of evangelical Christians even as he has screwed up the name of a book of the Bible, said he doesn’t feel he needs forgiveness for anything, and struggled to answer the question that Jesus posed to Peter: “Who do you say that I am?” But, according to a recent report by Pew, Trump’s doing terribly with Catholic voters, particularly those who are regular churchgoers.

Man hurls ‘batarang’ at Seattle cop car  A man was arrested on Capitol Hill Monday after a bouncer was threatened with a makeshift spear and a patrol car was hit with a batarang — yes, a Batman-shaped throwing star.

Oregon standoff’s singing mom loses custody of younger children  Three children of Odalis Sharp testified that their mother hit them with rods and would say she was trying to “beat the fire” out of them. They said she also yelled and screamed Bible verses during the punishment.

Despite $70M donation, Kalamazoo city income tax not off the table  An income tax would generate about $16 million in revenue, but property taxes would have to be rolled back to at most 14 mills.

Wisconsin faces nearly $1 billion shortfall on roads  Lawmakers would need another $939 million over two years to match what they approved in the last state budget, according to the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

Hunt for virtual wildlife leads to real nature encounters  Recreation officials are using the virtual Pokemon Go monsters showing up in zoos and parks to promote interactions with nature and real wildlife.

Emanuel shrugs off criticism after being mentioned in DNC video  Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Thursday shrugged off perceived criticism in a video introduction played the night before when President Barack Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

Hillary Clinton, As Defined by 12 Years of Google Searches  Hillary Clinton’s Twitter bio is mildly provocative, but only if you can appreciate the cultural baggage that comes with it.

Why the Democratic Party Can’t Escape Mass Incarceration  Bridge-building is the dominant theme of this year’s Democratic National Convention.

Ireland Adopts Plan to Increase Housing Supply and Improve Housing Affordability  The government of Ireland has adopted a new policy (Rebuilding Ireland: Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness) intended to improve the quality of life and the national economy by making housing more affordable.

Homeowners Should Have Skin in the Game For Sidewalk Costs  Someone over at City Lab is complaining that he had to pay to fix the sidewalk in front of his house, which is the standard practice in much of America.  He thinks it is wrong, subsidizes cars, etc.

Salvage Supperclub: A High-End Dinner In A Dumpster To Fight Food Waste  The ingredients — think wilted basil, bruised plums, garbanzo bean water — sound less than appetizing. Whipped together, they’re a tasty meal that show how home cooks can use often-tossed foods.

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Local Government Confidential

From the Marines to Candor Village Board  Meet Candor Village’s newest trustee. In between juggling a demanding job and spending time with his four children, Chad Edwards, 36, took a minute to talk with us about his recent appointment to the board.

Castle Hills city manager fired over confrontations with police, judge  The city manager of Castle Hills was terminated earlier this month after repeated confrontations with other city leaders, records confirmed Thursday.

Bastrop’s interim city manager resigned Tuesday night