This week, the City of Raymore launched its brand new City Website – with a little help from our friends at Vision Internet (shout out to project manager Maria!) In a previous life, my entire job was website development and management. However, the fact that I can punch some random ones and zeros into a computer and a website appears still feels a little like magic… or hacking. So, today I am celebrating all those faux hackers out there like myself who really are just in it for the LULz  


Right Now w/ Mike Ekey (Twitter / LinkedIn)

What I’m Watching: 24/7 national policital coverage.

What I’m Listening to: Avett Brothers

What I’m Doing: If you really want to impress a co-worker who is having problems with a website/computer: Figure out how to fix it, but before actually fixing it, open up the website source code and stare really intently. Mutter a few phrases and then quietly say, “ah ha… I see the problem.” Randomly type and highlight something. Then go back and fix the problem. Brace yourself because the force of their head exploding might knock you over.



Twitter permanently suspends conservative writer while cracking down on abuse: Twitter is finally brining down the Ban-Hammer. The ban of Milo Yiannopoulos, who works at Breitbart Tech, comes one day after Twitter promised to take action against a barrage of racist tweets targeting “Ghostbusters” actor Leslie Jones.

Turkey bans academics from travel in latest post-coup measure: Nothing says freedom like locking up teachers or condemning them on national TV (I’m looking at you, too, Trump Jr…)

Dogs are overrated: Scientists say a pet wallaby could be your best friend: My pet wallaby will be named Rocko.

Timeline of Kris Kobach’s drive to restrict voting in Kansas: The Republican argues the tough laws on voting eligibility are needed to protect elections against fraud. Critics say such restrictions are unnecessary and suppress voter turnout – particularly among the young and minority voters.

What The Russian Doping Scandal Tells Us About The State Of Steroids In Sports:



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