Today’s Buzz features Hillary’s committment to campaign finance reform, the end of #NeverTrump, and Chris Christie’s no-good-very-bad-year. The buzz is adorned with photos of pizza burgers, including Domino India’s pizza burger (not available in the USA–sorry!).


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Clinton will push to ‘overturn Citizens United’: Even Bernie Sanders never finished a speech without mentioning the decision, blaming it for the money gushing into politics, and pledging to appoint a Supreme Court that would undo it.

Will the Middle East Ever Be Secular? In this era of ISIS, many debates in the West center on how followers of Islam will eventually, through a series of steps and growing pains, arrive at liberal democracy. Shadi Hamid, the author of the new book Islamic Exceptionalism: How the Struggle Over Islam is Reshaping the World, believes that Muslims don’t want that path.



Exclusive: ELGL Executive Director Discusses Discrimination Suit

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Republicans’ Last, Doomed Fight Against Donald Trump: Here is how they imagined it would go down: On the floor of the Republican convention next week, when the states were called, one by one, to submit their presidential votes, the delegates would rise up.

How Mike Pence Became a Conservative Hero: Unwavering Opposition to Abortion: Mr. Pence’s reputation as a longstanding, implacable and dogged opponent of abortion has made him a hero to the country’s cultural conservatives.

Warren slams Pence, Trump, GOP platform: Elizabeth Warren zeroed in on Donald Trump’s newly minted ticket with Mike Pence ahead of the Republican vice presidential announcement on Saturday, referring to the pair as “a perfect match,” and the GOP platform as “hateful and disgusting.”

Why Turkey’s coup failed, according to an expert: Friday night’s military coup against Turkey’s civilian leadership appears to have failed. By Saturday morning, The New York Times reports, Turkey’s security services had detained “thousands of military personnel” who had participated in the coup.

Chris Christie Lost Out on the Job He Wanted. And His Bad Year Got Worse. The New Jersey governor, who hoped to be Donald J. Trump’s running mate, saw his political fortunes crash after backing Mr. Trump in the presidential race.

Some Predict Tuition Increases Under Hillary Clinton’s College Plan: Experts see evidence that colleges have responded to past increases in federal subsidies by raising their prices.

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Families Departing Philadelphia for the Suburbs: That headlining claim is found in a recent research study from Pew Charitable Trust’s Philadelphia Research Initiative—more demographic goodies are included.

Uber Creeping Into Transit Territory: One of the great, looming questions of transportation is whether transportation network companies will complement or compete with transit. A recent promotion moves toward the complete end of the spectrum.

Pedestrians Need Protection from Motor Vehicles Used as Deadly Weapons: As of press time on Friday, the death toll from the Nice Bastille Day massacre is 84, injuries exceeding 200, a record for an act of alleged terrorism committed by a single person. It also sets a record for death by the use of a motor vehicle.

$9.3M Awarded to Affordable Housing Development in Philly: The Pennsylvania Governors Office announced that eight developers were awarded a total $9.3M in tax credits from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) to build 495 affordable housing units in the city of Philadelphia.